as parents of youn Black men...what will you now tell your son?


Warrior Queen
as parents of young Black men...what will you now tell your son?

in the wake of all this, even though i don't have children...i am beginning to wonder....what do you tell your sons?

i mean no matter what they do, young and even older Black men will always be deemed as menacing and what do you tell them about their body language when they are on the street, how do you tell them to dress? how do you tell them to react to someone that may even be a threat to them, so as to not escalate the situation which may cause his death....since walking away is no longer a viable solution?

notorious saga

Nikki I've learned a long time ago that you could be a black man in a suit and tie or a hoodie wearing/sagging pants having black man standing on the corner but at the end of the day you're still regarded as a nigra. the professor who was arrested/harassed for entering his own home because it was in an upscale neighborhood didn't have on a hoodie or sagging pants but he was still profiled which made him no different than Trayvon Martin.

Only thing I could do is teach my sons about the stereotypes of society and hope that they would not be another statistic, there isn't much you could do after that. Teach them the straight and narrow and hope everything work out.