BAD TUNES FOR 2000-2001

The Lone Ranger

Infinite Soca
Strong tunes for 2000 candidates

The tunes that interested me were:

Lasso - The band known as Treason (Little to no play in mainstream)

Dat Eh Nuttin- Treason (moderate to heavy play in mainstream)

Shadowin - Traffik f/ Eddy (Moderate play in mainstream)

Gimme De Brass - Bunji Garlin (Heavy Play in mainstream)

Tribal War- Mss T.C (Little to no Play in mainstream)

There are alot more of course these are the forerunners.

for 2001 it is all the VOODOO rhythm.

Machel, Magadan, Capelton, Rikki Jai, Doggie SLaughter (Xcalibur crew) and about 4 others.