BEST harlem Shake EVER... worthy of the name


the rest of them shits.. bun a fire

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yes NOW THAT'S THE HARLEM SHAKE..I remembered seeing my son dancing like that about two years ago and I thought my boy has followed in his father's dance steps.

The guy with mask and the other with the hat took it for me...I notice the hat guy did the DEAD MAN DROP..I used to kill other dancers with that back in the disco days..

someone needs to put these guys on tour--world tour.


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i kept seeing the vids people were posting and thought they just brought back the dance. then i clicked o it and was like what the hell is that. it had no likeness to the original dance so how they figured they should call it that. but anyway vid here is what i know. dem others can suck salt


Anyone who even thinks of making a Harlem shake youchube vid, should be forced to watch this first.
Dem other shiets ain't even dancing....


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Nah Dis 1 Bad lol

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Yall realize when the guy made that song you hear wit these harlem shake videos, he meant for people to do the ACTUAL harlem shake dance, not the crazy herky jerky movements u see people wit now.. its just that this comedian first made a video in costume dancing to the song acting stupid, they people all over the place copied him thinking that was the harlem shake


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i still dont get why old people getting upset at the harlem shake videos. i think they are confused

the harlem shake in 2013 is the name of the SONG being used in the videos, not the dance