Boldfacedness(yes I made up the word lol)


a.k.a. Buss_Slippers
I just want to say that in 2k5...A lot of people getting too fresh and out of order.

A man was trying to talk to me on the train. I asked him if he has kids. He says he has 3 kids and they still need a step mom, so he will give me a call (excuse you>?!)

These teeny boppers on the train. lawd. Why are you grilling me from head to toe and giving me nasty looks as if I your age.

The words "excuse me" has continued to be elusive in some people's vocabulary. I don't know how some people can stand and not feel that they mash someone's foot. Then they want to look at you as if you're crazy when you say something.

People telling you to do them favors instead of asking you.

I think it's time to tell all the boldface people in your lives to check themselves.

I Just continue to ask the Lord for PATIENCE