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VP It was reported that a rich man entered Ralphy's office wid A BIG BIG suitcase and left empty handed...DOAN RUN...DEFEND YUH BOYY.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Mar 1, CMC - Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has written to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Trust seeking clarification on a story carried by a local website as the fall out continues from his alleged confrontation with two BBC journalists in Barbados last month.

In a letter to BBC Trust chairman, Lord Chris Patten, Prime Minister Gonsalves said he had become aware of the story by the website “I-Witness News” in which Matthew Chapman, producer of a BBC programme to be made about Harlequin Property, owners of Buccament Bay Resort, said he had written the prime minister.

“Please cause to be confirmed whether or not a letter to me dated February 26, 2013, purportedly from Matthew Chapman, a producer on the BBC’s Panorama programme, is in fact genuine,” Gonsalves wrote to Lord Patten, noting that his “first problem” was that the letter was unsigned.
In his reponse Lord Patten said that he would ensure that the complaint “is properly pursued through the BBC complaints process”.

The journalists said they had asked Prime Minister Gonsalves to respond to an allegation that investor Daves Ames had gone to his office with a bag of money and left without it.

“It is plainly wrong for Mr. Kenyon to peddle a wholly unfounded allegation against me and in the process sully my good name and that of my office. His allegation is false. Further, the unprofessional manner in which he accosted me is surely improper,” Gonsalves said in the letter to the BBC chair


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You mean the british are saying that the prime minister of SVG was bribed!? Small ting big whoop....let's get back to maco-ing what's going on in TnT.


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Opposition propaganda.....plain and simple......raperma....ah mean uncle Ralphy never ever ever ever do tings like dis.....ever


but how Ralphie always in bacchanal so?

St Vincent PM denies knowledge of million-dollar withdrawal

Published on February 14, 2013 Email To Friend Print Version

By Caribbean News Now contributor

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent -- Prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, in seeking to clarify statements made by opposition leader, Arnhim Eustace, about the country’s Building and Loan Association, has denied any knowledge of a million dollar withdrawal from the institution by his mother.

Speaking at a media conference, Eustace has questioned the decision of the three-month old Financial Services Authority (FSA) to take over management and control of the Building and Loan Association, warning it could lead to further loss of investor confidence in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He also disclosed that Gonsalves’ mother, Theresa Francis, withdrew over one million EC dollars (US$370,000) from the Building and Loan Association late last year, even as Gonsalves was encouraging citizens not to withdraw their funds from the institution.

The opposition leader said that he has been reliably informed that the funds in the name of Francis were withdrawn during the period when Gonsalves supervised the institution.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves
In his response, Gonsalves said that he had not been aware of this development.

He said that the Association has been experiencing financial difficulties since 2009 as a result of delinquent loans.

The prime minister said that, despite these problems, he had not encouraged anyone to withdraw shares from the Building and Loan Association.

Gonsalves said that his government is committed to working with the Building and Loan Association and the Financial Services Authority to ensure the continued strengthening of the Association.

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well boy.. its pure bacchanal when you read anything bout ralphie.. but what i want y'all to note is in the comments section .. lol.. meh eye dem went :eek:

Letter: Coincidence or a well executed plot?

Published on January 31, 2013 Email To Friend Print Version

Dear Sir:

For many years, a number of Vincentians (citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines the author of this document included), have long suspected the Ralph E. Gonsalves Unity Labour Party (ULP) government of wrongdoing, and apparently the level of the misdeeds the government is involved in is not limited to the allegation of technical siphoning of funds from multi-million-dollar projects that was evident in the first years of the ULP administration’s reign after taking over the helm of the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

At this stage there was the unprecedented phenomenon of a high volume of contractual projects with cost overruns when compared to earlier years (money ran out before the project was completed) and no one was held accountable. What was the reason for this? Were the cost overruns a means of diverting monies into the pockets of party supporters?

There was also the production of counterfeit denominations which was alleged to be prepared by close associates of Julian Francis. I am sure the community would like to know what Julian’s involvement in this project was. It is important to note that the equipment and material for the project were seized by the police. There are the public allegations of rapes that were brought against Ralph E. Gonsalves; allegations for which he was not held accountable.

The million dollar question that must be answered is: are our political leaders and their counterparts involved in the premeditated taking of the life of innocent people within and without St Vincent and the Grenadines, because they disagreed with the way in which things are done and voice their opinion to that effect; as well as, for non-political issues? If this is so, then this takes Vincentian politics to a new level.

It is important to note that a lack of evidence does not automatically devalue your suspicions and make them wrong. And as anyone knows, circumstantial evidence minus one connection may not be able to stand up in a criminal court of law but carries a lot of weight in the civil court.

I was on the Facebook page of a person in St Vincent and the Grenadines, who is very vocal against the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, and that person has been making a ”macho cry for help,” she was afraid that her life was in danger, she wanted to let the world know of her plight and of her concern for her personal safety through her Facebook post; but thinks that to express fear for one’s life and safety was to be weak and she may be the butt of the opposition community’s jokes.

No one who has all of his or her mental faculties functioning correctly wants to die a violent death or to meet their end at the dirty hand of a murderer. There is nothing weak or cowardly about wanting to live out your life to a ripe old age. However, if you are caught in a situation wherein you feel that your life is in danger and you may meet your end at the hand of a murderer, it is foolish not to put things in place to ensure that those who are responsible for your premeditated death at least carry the stigma of being a suspect for your murder, but it will be total vindication if that person is caught, duly convicted and punished for the crime.

Lately, a person by the name of Peter showed up on Caribbean News Now, with sword blazing; his articles and comments against Ralph E. and his political party are tremendous. In the article titled The 2012 Role Model Award (RMAs) goes to, I mentioned this about Peter: “Peter – who like Horace Williams is covered by the shadow of anonymity.” To my shock Peter replied and, among other things, he said and I quote: “I live in SVG and would be subject to ULP hate and even my life could be at risk. Your own life has been at risk and we can be sure it remains so. You live abroad so it’s more difficult for them to get at you. But you must continue to be alert. There have been political assassinations in SVG and people have gone missing.”

Unfortunately, Vincentians are afraid to come out and publicly declare the allegations that are discussed in private quarters. However, I am not afraid of what Gonsalves and his criminal associates can do to me and, yes, PM Gonsalves has quite a few associates here in Brooklyn, New York, most of whom I know.

Let’s get down to business. I am asking the community to send me additional supporting information as it relates to the below cases. Remember, if you think it is unimportant or not related, let me know about it still, for it is such insignificant information that may be the key to stringing the circumstances together.

Michael Hamlet

My investigation has revealed that Michael Hamlet, a leading member of the ULP, had a chemically-induced kidney failure. Even specialists in the medical fraternity will agree that kidney failure is a degenerative disease, which means it slowly but progressively get worse over a long period of time and very often can be reversed; however, this was not the case with Michael Hamlet. One day a healthy Michael Hamlet was diagnosed with ailing kidneys and a matter of days later was dead as a result of kidney failure, even after being flown to Barbados where they had a kidney facility and trained personnel on hand. I have never heard of such rapid kidney deterioration and failure before Michael’s case and I have never heard of any such cases after.

It is alleged that Michael Hamlet was becoming quite a thorn in the side of the Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonslaves and the ULP. Every organization has misunderstanding and in-fighting; but the big question is who is responsible for Michael Hamlet’s chemically induced kidney failure? Why was it that dialysis was unable to purify his blood, take the stress off of his kidneys and preserve Michael’s life to become the recipient of a kidney transplant or a dialysis patient? Think about it: was it a coincidence or a well executed murder plot?

Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson, the press secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, was brutally murdered, his body was sterilized and all trace of DNA and other evidence was destroyed to the point where not a speck of blood was found in his vehicle where his carcass was found naked with his clothes neatly folded beside it.

The extent of the trouble the murderer went through to ensure no evidence was found is a sign that this person was a skilled professional, with some knowledge of the sciences and the facility to accommodate such detailed and extensive cleansing. To appear that they care, outside professional paramilitary help was called in to help give the charade some credibility. The impression must appear that they care and want to get to the bottom of Glen’s murder.

In my and the opinion of thousands of Vincentians, Mr Glen Jackson’s murder was a plan well crafted, from his abduction to the manner of his murder, from the reason why so much care was taken in destroying all of the evidence, the cleaning of Jackson’s carcass, to the manipulation of Glen Jackson’s widow to publicly declare that Ralph E. Gonsalves or his government did not have anything to do with Mr Glen Jackson’s death. Think about it, they have been exonerated by Jackson’s widow, but they are not cleared by their conscience, in the mind and memory of the world, but most of all history will never declare them innocent.

Could it be that the criminals facilitated the sterilization of Glen Jackson’s body, completely destroying all evidence, including DNA residue, because the killers and their accomplices knew that the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines was going to solicit the assistance of Scotland Yard of England and the FBI of the USA to help in the investigation? Two investigative institutions that can literally get DNA from anything; think about it. If this is so, how did the killers know that?

It is public knowledge that Glen Jackson had a falling out with Ralph E. Gonsalves and his ULP government and, the Friday before his death, Jackson vowed to hold a press conference on the following Monday morning where he was going to pull the wool from the people’s eyes by revealing some damaging information. Mr Jackson, who believed that his life was in danger and in order to evade the danger that confronted him, went in search of a refuge and in doing so he reached out to nonpolitician members of the NDP and because of their political differences they shunned Mr Jackson. As a result of this, Mr Jackson was left to die a vicious death the night before his press conference and, as a result, all of the information he had died with him. Put all of the above pieces of Glen Jackson’s death together and think about it; was it a coincidence or a well executed murder plot?

Peter Dennie

Peter Dennie, an announcer at the pro-NDP privately owned radio station and prime social opposition to the politics of Ralph E. Gonsalves and his ULP government, met his untimely death in a suspicious fire at his residence where he was the only person who died. There are reports that said Mr Dennie’s wife, now widow, tried in vain to wake her sleeping husband but was unable to arouse him from an uncommonly deep sleep.

Was Peter’s sleep a chemically-induced sleep that kept him physically subdued and unresponsive even with the violent efforts of his wife to save him from the danger that eventually took his life? Was a toxicology test done on Peter’s body to see if he had any foreign substance in his body that may have rendered him helpless as occurred on the night of the fire?



There are many unanswered questions as it relates to the fire and Peter’s death; however, it all come back to the public allegations and speculations. Was Mr Dennie’s death connected to Ralph E. Gonsalves, his Unity Labour Party and their associates? Think about it; was Peter Dennie’s death a coincidence or a well executed murder plot?

Cecil Boatswain

Cecil Boatswain was living in St Vincent and the Grenadines and was having an open affair with the wife of one of the press secretaries to Prime Minister Gonsalves and, as a result of his marital betrayal, this press secretary was having an extremely difficult time emotionally. However, when Boatswain left St Vincent under a cloud of suspicion and was believed to have tragically died at Diamond beach, swept away by the sea, the press secretary once again regained his sanity, until the young lady in question began making unexplained trips to the island of Dominica.Unfortunately for Mr Boatswain, who had his location disclosed by his pursuit for his passion for another man’s wife, suffered a gruesome death at the hand of a hired killer on the island of Dominica; the very place where I was almost to meet my fatal end also.

Cecil Boatswain’s death was a small price to pay for the sanity of the press secretary; in the process, they have forever captured the loyalty of the press secretary. Think about it; was Cecil Boatswain’s death a coincidence or a well executed murder plot?

Mr Joslyn: The Servant of the LordThe servant of the lord, as Mr Joslyn was popularly called, was a resident of Cain Garden and a popular feature on the New Times interactive radio (call in) program that was hosted by EG lynch and sponsored by the New Democratic Party of SVG.

The servant of the lord would call in and highlight negative political, social and other events that were going on in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Mr Joslyn was very critical of Ralph Gonsalves and his government and he tried to put the matters that he address into biblical prospective. Joslyn’s analysis always seemed to paint Ralph Gonsalves and the dealings of the Unity Labour Party into a negative spiritual light.

.All of a sudden, Mr Joslyn, a retired man, who made his daily contribution on the New Times program, just went missing, without a trace. It will be important to note that up to his disappearance Mr Joslyn did not show any sign or mental deterioration that is common with people his age; I know this because he addressed with clarity present day issues, made clear comparison of today’s issues with the way things were done in the distant and recent past and he did so with the utmost clarity in a continuous whip. I have my suspicions that Mr Joslyn’s extended disappearance was in retaliation and in an effort to silence those who are so inclined to voice their objection to the way things are done in SVG. Think about it; was Mr Joslyn’s disappearance a coincidence or a well executed murder plot?

This whole sickening affair makes me feel like I want to vomitYou may ask yourself, as the poet asked: “What is death that men may fear a necessary end which will come when it will come.” As for me, I learnt that death is scary when a person has not put the necessary things in place and make his calling and election right with Yahweh and his son Jesus Christ. As for me, my relationship with the almighty God Yahweh is fine and death is just a transition of which I am not afraid.

As a result of my coming to terms with and understanding the beauty and tranquility of death, I penned this poem. I hope you find delight in reading it.

O that I may die

By Allan H. F. Palmer

O, that I may die and fear not death; not afraid to take my final breath,
Too confront death; the oldest mystery to taste of her sweet uncertainty.
I fear not death, why should I be; the sting of death has no hold on me.
Death takes not, holds not, owns and controls nothing.
Death moves not, feels not, does not, has not, thinks not, claim not.
Yet many fall and faint in fear, at death they cry in deep despair.

Our loves for life has make frail our minds and cause us to cling in fear of losing;
That which, we must, one day give up: the fleeting breath that we call life.
Yet, in cases of utmost pain, when agony weaved with shambled shame;
We pray for death a welcome friend, to swoop in on a Trojan horse,
To take away our fleeting breath and cause the life we hold so dear,
To abruptly meet, a cherished end.

What is death that men may fear? A predator that roams the mind,
A mystery vague, an odor faint, a bright color fading over time,
A vision clear, yet we cannot see, a precious life that ceased to be.
But only thus a word described the absence of a state hold dear,
The absences of the fleeting breathe; the absence of life.

Allan Palmer

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ALLAN, I have noticed that the decent folk in the Vincentian Diaspora are frightened to make comment about anything such as what you write.

You may get some relplies from the Vincentian Marxist regime supporters, those that are paid by Gonsalves and the ULP to support them through right or wrong, to protect Gonsalves and the ULP against the truth.

Horace Williams aka Simon Anderson and many other false and fraudulent names, also VINCY POWA the great musical pratt of yesteryear, here is your chance to put your protection plan into gear again.

ALLAN, watch your back you are putting yourself at serious risk again.


Allan Palmer:

Thanks you Peter for your concern, one thing my father taught me a long time ago, and that is if you are to die by hanging you cannot die in a car accident.

and both my mother and father taught me to learn to live with my conseience by doing and saying what is right not for reward but because it is my duty, first to my God and then to my conscience.

Peter come what may I am ready to deal with in. I know who is fighting my battle so I am not worried. How can I be afraid of the weak when I have the almighty God Yahweh fighting my battles for me.

My brother I think I know who you are, but your ID is not important at this time. You be safe. Untill we meet again on this side of life. Peace.



Dear Allen, I doubt you would guess who I am in a million years.

In fact I sometimes wonder myself who I am.

One thing you can be sure of is that I sometimes sit at Gonsalves table and watch in horror his eating habits. What a pig, he needs JCB to handle the amounts he stuffs in his mouth. I feel sick in my stomach just watching him, his police driver says he stinks his car out with foul smelling gas. Smells like half of Kingstown’s rats crawled up him and died.

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. I just have to keep playing the game.


David Castello:

Mr Palmer, your article is very eye opening indeed and can strike fear in any Vincentian who is contemplating being more vocal in their critique of the ULP. No one wants to suffer a similar or worse fate.

This reminds me of the KGB's operation in the former Soviet Union and the Gestapo under Hitler's reign. Are we becoming like one of those system, or have we already become one? Very unsettling indeed.


notorious saga

LOL if this was ah Double M thread see how quick VP done rush in here. he probably waiting for a reply text msg from Rapalphie Consalves.:kicks


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In VINCYLAND, we call them "RALPH HATERS."


In other words, that RIDICULOUS claim of BRIBE is just another EPISODE of do whatever it takes to get Dr. Gonsalves out of OFFICE.

It started way back in 2001.

In other words, the OPPOSITION has been in ELECTION MODE since 2001 and they will still get LICKS in 2015 as they did in 2001, 2005 and 2010.


notorious saga

In VINCYLAND, we call them "RALPH HATERS."


In other words, that RIDICULOUS claim of BRIBE is just another EPISODE of do whatever it takes to get Dr. Gonsalves out of OFFICE.

It started way back in 2001.

In other words, the OPPOSITION has been in ELECTION MODE since 2001 and they will still get LICKS in 2015 as they did in 2001, 2005 and 2010.

WOW so is so many years Dr Consalves been fooling de Vincy people? boy I feel sorry for oryuh Vincentians yes and fuh think vincy people keep voting him in time and time again, Vincentians don't care bout fuh dem island tarl?