Can you spy on Snapchat?


Yes and no, depending on the settings of someone else. A snapchat user can choose to keep their location on or off, and control who sees their location (can be certain people or everyone or no one). With location on there’s an activity and travel feature. You can also save chats and stories if they’re along with a story reply, but if you screenshot anything the app will notify the other person.


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Of course, you can. If you want to keep track of the person you love, think about what the consequences might be. If your loved one is often avoiding you, I think you should talk to him about what's going on in your relationship. If he says everything is fine, but continues to act suspiciously, you need to hire a hacker. A hacker will be able to track your spouse's location, access your Snapchat account, texts, video camera, and much more. But again, this is not something you should do very often. You may develop panic hysteria. You will be suspicious of his every move. I hope I have helped you.