Central Park 5 - PBS channel now.. have a watch...


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Jails are mostly for peole who are awaiting trail or people who are going through trial a the moment or awaiting to be transfered to a prison, or low level short stay inmates like 1 year or less..

Prisons are for people who are already convicted and are serving their time


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Wats the the statute of limitations on the crimes the dirt bag POLICE committed.. I because they should have been punished for coercing a confession by fabricating a story...

I am waiting along with you on this one brother,but my fear is our children's children may see it 1st..... i remember this all too well and it still piss's me the FOCK OFF! everytime i see it!.....not a single heartfelt apology,they crucify them boys and remain quiet and boldface to the end....I WOULD SPIT ON EVERYONE OF THEM DEVILS GRAVE.