Chelsea VS Aston Villa


Peace Love n Pretty Tings
You guys took to long to answer , make yuh bet before the deadline and i will take it out
You can see where my IP address is. I can only respond in my time zone plus you didnt give a time limit!

500K on Chelsea


Peace Love n Pretty Tings
Confirmed ... Read the post 2:45PM EDT bets must be in 10min before match begin
aye, that isnt what I meant. I was referring to my original bet that I placed last night to use my credits from the last match as per what you said in the other thread. I requested that last night. Well it was night for me.

anyway, thanks.

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Da anouncer like he was high oui. He eh see Gabby sinkin he elbow into Terry while elevating which is wha cause Terry hand to go up?! Bout penalty, da ref kno dam well he go be under rell pace if he call da shit dey! Good game Villa, dey lookin like dey could be ah spoiler along de way. Benteke is ah flikkin boss jedd!