Christians think yoga is demonic??


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Like I said, I can be wrong...

As for the quotes I would have to ask one of the bible people I know to look it up for me, but I am not home now...

where does it say that? jus curious...

please post the verse you referring from 3 different versions

context is very important


I mean what i think he saying is that it is easier to be a lapsed catholic or whatever faith and live your life the way you want to without much deviation than to throw yourself 100% into the doctrines of your faith and live the way you should if you adhere to all the principles of said faith.. and he's right...


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I was talking about people with different beliefs and all. The same way Christians believe that they hold the truth, the same way other believers believe that they hold the truth. So I think that, everyone should go their best to do their outmost best based on the teachings that they have.

I disagree. If u look up how the different teachings started then it will be more realistic. ... I know what will happen. I just dont know who.................. and when.

That whole do what you comforable with is why things are the way they are. People lazy. In all honest it isnt easy to do right which is y ppl take the comfortable route.


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why you ask that? I came of harsh?

didn't mean to come off rude was just wondering and wanted to know where she saw it without going to look it up right away.

was jus curious Poca
Cuz yuh tell she come wid 3 different versions? I was like...sheesh!!! :kicks