College student gives birth to stillborn in dorm room then also dies....



Student Gives Birth To Stillborn Baby In Secret, Dies In Dorm Room | Global Grind

A 19-year-old student studying chemistry at a small Christian college was found dead in her dorm room after giving birth to a stillborn baby.
Ayaanah Gibson, originally from Sacramento, California, died alone in her room at Benedict College in South Carolina last weekend after bleeding to death in secret. Authorities later revealed that she had never attempted to seek medical attention in the 30 to 32 weeks she was pregnant.
No one knew about her pregnancy, and based on the coroner’s estimates of the age of the fetus, it appears that Gibson was pregnant before she graduated high school.


i know some yardies who went to that college... nothing Christian about them and their antics there.. lol..

maybe she felt that she didnt have anybody to turn to about the pregnancy and went through it alone.. that in and of itself is an incredible amount of pressure..


There are so many things wrong with this story. It underscores a point that I just made that children (including children over 18) need their parents' guidance and supervision. She just left home, right? No one noticed the weight gain of a 31 week pregnancy? Her friends didn't think it was weird that she wasn't in summer clothes or maybe swimming/partying?

The saddest parts though are that she did not call for an ambulance and that she died ALONE. I think that is the worst thing. She could have survived with prompt attention and if she had to die at least someone could have held her hand.