Credit Cards....


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annual fee

Isn't the black the same thing as Centurion....and most of amex cards are charge cards that don't allow you to keep balances anyway..
Centurion is the name of the card. The idea of a Black card was around long before the Centurion though.

You can keep a balance if you want to.
It just requires a phone call (a human being answers with little to no waiting time).


Capital one is shit...i have 2 that I been trying to nix for how long but they are my oldest cards and would bring down my average age on accounts, so i plan to just put dem in a damn sock drawer...u can try USAA....heard they are pretty good and also Barclays..but Barclays are very inquiry sensitive....

Chase sapphire and freedom good too...i can't stand bofa
I was just coming to say CAPITOL ONE. No complaints. I have had it for less than a year and I have taken several free vacations already. I have gotten free car rentals and hotel nights with my points. I chose it because I travel a lot and there is no foreign transaction fee. This and the free points really help me alot. I am planning a little trip next month and I might use points instead of money.

In this day and age, no one should use a credit card that doesn't give tons of free stuff.