Creole Day today


where de crix
Evidently its more important for you to show your kids about haloween etc, than it is for you to teach them their own culture, identity etc

This is typical of why we so low as a people - we prioritise evrything else over our own!

See if them muslims kids forgeting Eid, or if them Chinese kids forgetting their new year etc!!!
that insight hurt, no lie. but you it rings true.


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I am questioning it because I didn't know.

I' m learning - if the reason is below - that's a great thing - we had to be ingenious things to survive

growing up "patois" was a country bookie ting - we City folx use ridicule people who speak patois... something changed and now they celebrating this "jounen kweyol"

truly I never got a grip oh what creole means - so like Carib2 was pointing out - it sounds like some mixture of eruopeans etc...
No offence but growing up you lot were kept stupid and were victims of a colonial mentality that devalued your own culture in favour of that of Europeans.

mwen pa ka komprann sak ap fé moun bliyé koté yo soti. Your culture is beautiful. Celebrate it.

Sometimes Caribbean people truly disgust me. I mean really, really disgust me. Our culture is beautiful. Who we are is beautiful. Yet our attitudes towards our cultures and our identity is really really fxcking ugly. It have 600 lb Americans full up of grease and coronary artery disease who are proud to be American and proud of who they are despite the fact that their culture is actively killing them, and yet here we are with immense riches willingly throwing it away. Ridiculous.

Rant done.


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What old culture??

Am the culture we had BEFORE colonisation and slavery - dat one
African culture today is not the same as it was before the European arrival. A lot of modern Africans today can't even begin to write in their own native language and most of them practice a foreign religion. Not to mention most African countries have an European language as their sole official language.

Also I can't agree with that notion of creole culture mostly not being "our own". Maybe it is because I am Haitian and Haiti was able to retain a lot of their ancestors African traditions and forged a new culture from that base, which reflects the history of what the Africans in Haiti went through.

Either way I believe the Caribbean as a whole have a very unique, rich, blend of cultures; that Europeans can't dare try to say our culture is a water down version of theirs.

Most of the world's greatest, influential music genres (including African American music) would not exist if Caribbean culture did not exist. That alone should speak volume on how rich and unique our culture is.