Deeply Religious Folks...Help My Questioning Mind With Something...


Earth Angel
Tell that to Stalin, Mao & Kim Jong Il. Millions of Christians, Muslims and Jews have been martyred at the hands of millitant and institutionalised atheism.

Religious people are more likely to use religion as a justification for their prejudices, but there are plenty of non-religious homophobes, racists and sexists. So your "fact" is alot more fiction than you realise.

Funny as it sounds, a Black-crossdressing-homo has much better prospects of a happy life in Mississippi than in Russia.

On point. :clapping: :clapping:


The Good Book says this....

With that being said and believed....

Explain the Tornado yesterday striking down and killing kids in an elementary school.

Explain Sandy Hook elementary.

Explain the 8 year old Boston marathon victim.

Explain the countless child soldier victims across the world.

Are these children not innocent?
That's nothing compared to the deaths of 500,000 iraqi children which the U.S government is responsible for.