Deth of Hoars and Sopreemaciss and Stereotypical Blks


Juan Dan

so if the average blk does not have sex, wyte hate and blame, or the normal hip hopper bet 70's to 2000's blaxploitation way

then they bored and have nothing to do



seriously those 3 things defines most of ya

oh lets not forget mahfukkas stopped going to clubs popping champagne or wearing all gucci etc

blk people seem serously depressed

come on guys dont boring up dragon website

Juan Dan

and this is what I told dragon some weeks ago

and I quote "dem a go fukk up the site and RUN GO TO FACEBOOK, PRETENDING HIMIX DONT EXIST"

bwaay dragon we couldnt leave you in charge of nothing, yuh sell we out fi likkle poosy and those things

tell you something sir

well maybe you dont know

they laughing at you
yet its your fault for taking the orders of any likkle piece of vegina you fancy

gracias draggggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Juan Dan

so few days ago the tred bout the desparate blk man was made
wasnt erased
twas a lesson

and now this one

I am winding down folks

soon it will be el wrapito

for all the work is done

thank you thank you