Do you excuse people who prostitute themselves in times of personal crisis?


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damn... that song remind me of this song.. well this one more blatant and has no double entendre

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like they kids aint got nothing to eat, or they need to sell sex because they have to put themselves through school and stuff or they just basically going thru a rough patch in life

do u judge them in the same light as someone who does it all their life?

lol it is their lives, not mine.:derisive: I even think that prostitution should be legalized and regulated. I might be naive, but I believe that regulation would help prevent the prostitution of underage girls and boys. I am also of the opinion that women should be able to control their own bodies and whether or not they do business with their bodies.


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It doesn't really bother me either way - if someone wants to engage in prostitution, and does so of their own free will, that's their own business.