Ethiopian migrants tell of torture and rape in Yemen


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Tragic story.

19 July 2013 Last updated at 10:14 ET Help
Eighty thousand Ethiopians risk their lives every year trying to get to Saudi Arabia and the promise of a better life. They are smuggled in boats across the Red Sea to Yemen and then must trek 500km (310 miles) to reach the Saudi border.

But it is a journey fraught with danger where thousands are tortured and sexually exploited by criminal gangs, as Yalda Hakim reports for BBC Newsnight.

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Juan Dan

excellent tred ds I enjoyed this one
lol@putting them in chains and continuing slayvery tradition
I dare say they worse than witey by a billion times trillion


where de crix
wow.. that was crazy. i dont understand, why not just have a legal means of getting farm workers into saudi, and avoid the middle men,.