Ever text the wrong person?


yea that colo situation happened to me lol

some mofo who stalking me ask me if i going to place X.. i say not sure...
then somebody else ask me what i doing.. so i responded saying i aint trying to hit X spot at ALL because that is a scene ... i aint whitney .. dont need a bodyguard tonight.. so let's go somewhere else..
the stalker then responded... wow.. you aint comin cos of me..
i responded.. if that's how you wanna take it..

needless to say they aint talk to me for all of... two days.. then pick right back up where they left off...


Yep. I was thinking about X and wanted to write to someone else to tell them of the latest drama that person X caused. So I wrote, yep more drama with X, I'll fill you in on the latest.
Same speed person X replied: ???

Good thing I wrote it nicely, because if I wrote my true feelings of the latest X drama, that would have created a whole other drama!