Fahrenheit 9/11


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Yes I definitely want to see it...just hope it's not so one-sided that it makes it unbelievable to the non believers :rolleyes:


i wanna c it soon, i know it should be good. them damn republicans tryna silence it down. they claim that they don't mind if ppl see the movie they just don't want the advertisments. but thats retarted cause most ppl woouldn't know about the damn movie if it wasn't advertised. duh


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I definately want to see this, but hoping it doesn't come across as propaganda, but a un-biased portrayal of facts.

I saw an interview with the director, Michael Moore who initially had Disney financing the movie. At the last minute they backed out...interesting. So he was able to get private investors to help him out.


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i've watched roger and me and bowling for columbine...and i must say

BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE is a great movie. man...makes me think a lot....about fear, consumption...the nra and the kkk being formed the same year by coincidence....

everybody should see farenheit 911...i can't wait