FL Man Kills Girlfriend Because of Zodiac Sign


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Darrius Johnson confessed that he had "sacrificed the victim for the betterment of himself and the victim." According to the arrest affidavit, Johnson went on to say that he attacked Monica Gooden, in her early 20s, from behind, slamming the X-Box on her face and stabbing her "everywhere." He told police that he fought "the victim like he was fighting a dragon" and "felt like a new man afterwards."

"He told investigators that he decided he needed to do the sacrifice based on the Taurus sign," said Lauderhill Police Lt. Mike Butkus. The 22-year-old told police he had to sacrifice her at exactly 6 a.m. In the police report, he said, "I kept on stabbing her, but she just wouldn't die." He went on to say, "I think I killed her."

Gooden, who attended Broward College, wasn't even a Taurus.

After murdering Gooden, Johnson walked over to an apartment building and attacked an elderly woman. She was rescued by her nephew, who stabbed Johnson before he ran off. Police later arrested him at the home and charged him with first degree murder.

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He told police that he fought "the victim like he was fighting a dragon" and "felt like a new man afterwards."
This is the same statement he's gonna be telling his mother on the phone after big bubba beat him down and tear his ass open.

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Hmmm....:scratch he shouldn't of watched the movie "Blue Steel". :eek:hgosh Sick bastard. They should prop his neck immediately. :butcher:


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Another sick lunatic who was influenced by a video game!

Some of these video games are not healthy for everyone!


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Xsux will make you wanna hit somebody wid it, good thing I have ah playstation.:beach:
Don't think Patch will agree with you! :D

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