Flavor Of Love


Doing it my way
okay.. so now I feeling guilty for say that he look like a cockroach, so I will say that I felt so sorry for him when Ny's father-with-a-womb was pushing him up in the foyer. DAt is a big woman, NY, she could be with whomever, dat parent too damn boldface.


a.k.a. Buss_Slippers
I liked Nibblz. Who I gonna follow now to perfect the stripper booty shake? The show is useless to me now.
:rofl: hmm I don't know who the trophy should go to..her or bootz! (the way she was droppin it for ying yang twins)

New york did lose a lot of weight..she look like she need a big plate of pelau with a WHOLE avocado. Her hair looks unstable..but she did spice the show up. I would love to know who actually knows her in real life..like does she have any friends? lol


seriously tho... :rofl:

I only seen the show a few times, but Nibblz seemed like the realest one. She seriously woulda bull de man.... or anyone else fuh dat matter. and wen she leave, she say wid a serious ass straight face: he missed out on a good fuck. She aint say he miss out on a good woman, or no hes my man bullish.... just straight tuh bizniz. de gyal say she sign up to be a "companion" not a nanny. :rofl:

buh next ting... wah he worryin bout he kids an who an who shouldnt be around dem, wen he was in court fuh child support few yrs back. steeuuups.


a.k.a. Buss_Slippers
I know..I thought the girl was going to say he miss out a good thing! I had to do a double take.
And the way he talking about he wants a good role model for the kids..New York is in the running?! Like she only classy part-time lol


Loyalty to Loyalty
Not to mention dat flav looks like a cockroach
more lakka bun up raisin steupsssss

New York Is in the Muthafakkking house

tank god she come back cuz those chick were NOT holdin it down.

I can't wait till ny modda come back on d show..."wait wait wait honey, you let that man kisss youuuuuuuuuuuu"

Yess mamma I love himmmmmmm

Mother holds her head instant headache :rofl:

Btw I think NY is mos def getting her own show.
VH1 is spin off central boy surreal life --> strange love --> flava of love ---> flava of love 2 ----> NY is in the mothafakkin hizzouz