Fluoride Conspiracy ....


Loyalty to Loyalty
True; but some ingestion is unavoidable when brushing, esp for kids. The "experts" are not sure how much over how long will cause harm esp in kids who are still developing their permanent teeth. I use fluoride toothpaste but avoid it for her highness. I do let them give her the treatment at dentist visits though. I figure that's the best way to control the quantity and keep ingestion at a minimum. I didn't let the big one use fluoride toothpaste until he was 11 and he's 21 now and never had a cavity.
same for me and i've always dealt with fluoridated water. Dentists in the US always ask where I grew up then would check again to ensure they didn't miss something.

so who is to say its fluoride or the lack of it. maybe its just b/c of good dental hygiene practices.