Garage floor, repair or replace concrete?



Have a concrete garage floor that's showing signs of age in need of attention. Been putting it off for a while.

Garage is used to park a car, and will continue to do so.

As the pics show, floor is a little broken in places, has been patched here and there, surface crumbling, chips breaking off and a fair bit of dust now being created. Surface wasn't sealed or painted when laid afaik.

My aim is to raise the floor a couple of inches to help stop rainwater blowing in through the bottom of the garage door.

My question:
Is it ok to just add a 2" layer of concrete/cement (or whatever material best) to this existing floor, seal/paint it, and hope it won't crack and break with the weight of a family car...
Or to remove this existing floor completely, install rebar and relay it from scratch?


Hi. Recently, I finally repaired my garage. In general, I could not take the job for a long time because I thought that everything will be hard, that I will spend a lot of time. But thanks to DuraGrade Concrete, I did it in less than a week. I did not have to wait long enough for the concrete to dry. If you are interested in what kind of concrete to buy or if you are preparing for a renovation, I recommend to buy from myself at


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I'm more than sure that if you just put an extra layer of concrete, nothing good will come of it. Underneath the new layer of concrete will still be the cracked old concrete. New cracks in the old concrete will provoke cracks in the new concrete. In this case, I see two ways out.
In the first case, you have to remove the cracked part of the concrete and then pour a thicker layer of new concrete.
In the second case (that's what my father did) you can use a rough floor. The subfloor is needed to level the surface for the flooring of the finishing coat, so during installation you need to control the levelness of the surface of the beams and joists, which serve as a basis for the flooring of the first layer, for which can be used: boards; plywood; OSB, etc.
I recommend to choose the flooring with the addition of rubber. In this case the upper surface of the layer will accept and soften the vibrations and gravity from the cars.