George Zimmermans jail calls made public

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George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, is facing perjury charges for lying under oath about money he raised online, but bank records and jail phone calls released Monday show her husband called the shots behind an elaborate, if sloppy, scheme to hide money.

The records also show the second-degree murder charge was a big money-maker for Zimmerman: The day after his arrest, he transferred more than $75,000 in donations to his account in a single day. He used at least $10,000 of it to pay off credit card and other bills, the bank records show.

Ah man, that feels good,” he said to his wife in a recorded phone call the day after his arrest. “That there are people in America that care.”

His wife told him so many contributions arrived to his online PayPal site requesting donations on the day of his arrest that the site kept crashing.

“…People were just trying to give you, you know, words of support and kindness,” Shellie Zimmerman said.

“Good. Wow, that is awesome,” he said.

Later he tells her: “I’m so happy to know that you’re gonna be okay.”

His wife assures him, “After this, is all over, you’re gonna be able to just, have a great life.”

Zimmerman faces a second-degree murder charge for the Feb. 26 shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Miami Gardens teenager. Zimmerman claims that the teen punched him in an unprovoked attack. His nose broken and head slightly wounded, Zimmerman shot Trayvon once in the chest as the two wrestled on the grass.

For some, the case quickly became a symbol of the perils of racial profiling. For others, it epitomized the media’s rush to judgment. After six weeks of controversy, Zimmerman was arrested by a specially appointed prosecutor, and became a hero to gun-rights advocates nationwide.

His arrest came about three days after he set up a website that sought donations. Records show the American public offered such an outpouring of support that his credit union account, which had a $5 balance on April 1, swelled 27 days later to $128,898. The balance ballooned even after the couple paid off credit cards and frantically transferred funds out of the account.

Zimmerman ultimately gave the balance to his defense attorney to create a trust in his name.

On six phone calls Zimmerman made to his wife from jail, he can be heard giving his wife repeated step-by-step instructions on changing the password and security questions to his online donations account. They talk in simple code, referring to PayPal as “Peter Pan.”

He repeatedly reminded her to use a password she could remember, to write it down several places and to set her phone alarm to remind her daily to call a friend helping administer the account. The friend was helping Shellie Zimmerman transfer money from PayPal to Zimmerman’s account. From there, it went to her account, and from her account to cash.

Shellie Zimmerman was arrested last week on a felony charge of lying on the stand during her husband’s bond hearing on April 20.

“It’s all about George Zimmerman’s credibility,” said Benjamin Crump, a Tallahassee attorney Trayvon’s parents hired to help push for criminal charges. “It is George Zimmerman who conspires and coaches others to execute a scheme to hide money and a passport ultimately deceiving the court.… He is the one telling everybody what to do.”

Zimmerman’s defense attorney said he filed a motion in court Monday objecting to the planned release of 145 other jail phone calls that are unrelated to Zimmerman’s bond.

“We are compiling a list of other potentially relevant phone calls and we will present them when appropriate,” Mark O’Mara wrote on his website.

His motion to hold off on the 145 other calls will be discussed at a June 29 bond hearing.

Zimmerman had been granted a $150,000 bond but it was revoked June 1 when prosecutors presented evidence of the ploy to hide money.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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he will be found guilty..question is how much time he will be sentenced to serve


I find the fact that people actually donated to him more disturbing. Its one thing to be neutral but to donate to his "defense" is saying i felt he did the right thing.

I dont care for this release of personal convos either.


Get your passport & come !
bwoyyyy I have to say: that's love!

might be misguided, but at least he knows he married a woman totally loyal to him!


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I find the fact that people actually donated to him more disturbing. Its one thing to be neutral but to donate to his "defense" is saying i felt he did the right thing.

I dont care for this release of personal convos either.
ur suprised?? Racism is alive and well my yute :drag: