Giants vs Cowboys


Dragon Singh
Cowboys 1-1

Giants 2-1

Sunday September 8th at 8pm

Betting Rules:
1) All bets must be made 30 min before game time
2) All credits must be in my account 30min before game time
3) All bet must be confirmed by me or it’s not valid
4) No secret BETS
5) No one under the age of 18
6) NO betting on two teams in the same match
7) ALL bets are finale
8) All bets must be the correct amount or you will be paid what you sent
9) All bets must be ah flat amount " I can't count "
10) If you send me credits and don’t make a BET you lose them
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Imix Bad Man
the 700k that u didn't return me from the Jamaica game.. put it on cowboys for me.

700k on Dallas