Group of form one students caught in sex act. T&T

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Three female Form One students at a school in Central Trinidad were caught by a security guard on Wednesday performing oral sex on a group of male students in a classroom.

According to reports, the MTS guard was making rounds at the school shortly before midday when he heard strange noises coming from a classroom on the lower floor of the school’s compound.

The guard reported to police that when he opened the door to the classroom, he saw the three girls performing oral sex on three male students, while six others looked on, waiting their turn. Reports are that when the students saw the guard, they began cursing and hurling threats at him. However, the guard stood his ground and ordered the 12 students to the office of the vice principal where they were questioned by the school’s dean.

Reports are the girls admitted to being caught in the act and were all given letters to take to their parents/ guardians for them to report to the school when the new terms reopens after the Easter vacation.

Schools were closed on Friday for the Easter vacation.

A report was also lodged with the Cunupia Police; the students are to report to the station along with their parents/guardians.

A source at the school said the girls who were caught in the illicit sex act are from the Enterprise area and come from troubled homes. One of the girls reportedly confided to a teacher recently that she was a victim of sexual assault by a close relative, hence the reason for her promiscuous ways.

The boys who were also caught in the classroom reportedly told officials it was not the first time that they had engaged in such sexual acts on the school’s compound and on several occasions, they even had sexual intercourse with female students in classrooms and in the toilet area.

A teacher told Sunday Newsday that the school, which has been in existence for 14 years, has been without any recreational facilities and students become restless during break periods and are known to engage in indisciplined behaviour.

Several of the school’s students are before the courts charged with possession of drugs, guns, knives and other weapons as well as fighting among themselves.

This report of sex acts by minors come in the wake of reports over the past weeks of violence among students in various schools.

Margaret Sampson-Browne, head of the Victim and Witness Support Unit, has said there is an increase of abuse of young girls. On a morning talk show recently, Sampson-Browne said from July last year to December, the Victim and Witness Support Unit has intervened in a high percentage of abuse occurring in the home including sexual abuse involving girls.


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hmm...the girls were sent home with letters and not the boys?
I noticed that too...

Mi memba one time @ the end of school year 2 boys @ the same age was caught with 2 gal @ the beginning of the following school year only the boys was punish...


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*sigh* I getting tired of talking the same ting over and over - our culture of denial, puritanism, holding onto religious ideas that perpetuate sexual ignorance, guilt, sin and immorality.

When I see Jones P Madeira and Co. choose to put this on the front page of the Newsday, I had to wonder what friggin areness going on in that media house? Is EVERYTHING so these clowns now discovering for the first time? Where's the analysis? Where's at least the acknowledgement that people have been publicly warning about this since *I* was in school uniform almost 30 years ago? This is really a society that religiously, dogmatically, lives in denial.

I personally think that people should now start to openly confront in terms of writing or otherwise, the Madeira's of our country who carry on as if this didn't happen when THEY were that age and for the exact same reasons (see above) which they now uphold. These people need to be honest with themselves, if they only comfortable with the old ideas, uncomfortable speaking about sexuality in open forums or prefer to stay in denial, then just step the fuck aside and let those who have been trying to clean up the mess get the freedom to do what they are better suited to do.