Guyanese ppl....


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Gimmi some credits I gon tell ya btw it's creketeh

incidently some means @ least 35,000


ah like chupidness
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well? creketeh anyone? dat shit sound funny as fuk


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dese know nuffin guyanese on imix is a buncha creketeks....dem eh kno dem own lingo
ah tell yuh wha gimmi 20,000 and I gon give yuh a hint....

mi memba one time this trini gal curry some creketeh fuh mi, it looked good but mi naa eat them ting deh...


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o i now c u ansah deh.....but if is a hawk why was dat an insult to the other man??
i didnt watch the video.. no flash on my work comp. lemme check it out now

i asked an older guyanese, and they said it's something like a snail that u can find in trenches that some people eat.

i some places one word can be used for more than one thing

and for more conformation i asked a GT friend that visiting and she said it's a snail.


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Look @ your 1st post and then look @ your last post....
what about it? i was wrong, i went and got answers from other guyanese.
what the hell that got to do with u trying to call everybody fake guyanese when your backside born on canal street in NY?