Happy Friday Imix... What have y'all learned??


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this site is not facebook , never .. do not want the notice " like " .

we can say " like " in person each threads with some joke or smile.


that if you, as a minority, never experienced racism in the US you are LYING
that Trayvon martin took over imix.. if you don't know who that is.. pass by the coroner and pick up your death certificate!
that Carlos has taken to writing in white ink..
that Kotex is officially a nasty brand..
that Claude Kelly really earned the nickname "The Beast".. talent like whoa.. love his stuff!
that the day you put eyeshadow on, is the day you constantly want to rub your eye... smh..


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ummm i looking to catch up in here

non imix related hunger games was 'aight' I guess i should read the book?


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That the Final Four is here.
That Rock Vs. Cena some how dominated my sports outlets...the hell...
That gas is $4 bucks now in some spots in Texas...sux.
That Geraldo had to take back the smearing he did or face another backlash.
That Romney is doing Santorum and Gingrich.
That I'm very behind on this years soca...guess lack of interest.

Vid...R.I.P. Vesta
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