Have you ever dealt with racism? How did you deal with it?


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I was just on another forum reading about a black guy in NYC who is dating a white woman and had the last straw of racist remarks so he beat up a white guy who made disrespectful comments towards them in public.

I don't think he handled it the right way, but I have been in many racist situations in this good ol' diverse area we call New York. Most recently I was in Williamsburg, BK and a group of white people taunted my friends and I down the entire block. I didn't say anything but eventually I lost my cool and I waited for them at the end of the block. When they noticed that I stopped they started moving slower, shocked that I would actually turn around and say something. So I waited and I said 'What did you punk asses say?' they looked at eachother like I was crazy. I cursed them out which wasn't very lady-like of me but hey I was mad. As a result, people on the street (this is a caucasion neighborhood btw) thought I was starting trouble and freaked out.

Has anything similar ever happened to you? How have you or how do you deal with it?


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Yep. Im in an interracial relationship so I tend to get "suspect" treatment in certain places. I have usually made a comment, gave them the " if you don't like it do something" look, or simply walk off. By the way much of it has come from Blacks....


Yep but now me don't tek on racism people me just laugh at them and move on.I came to the realization that racist are insecure people.I just looked at it as they hate and are jealous of my awesomeness.That alone makes me happy.