Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned SMFH - Raymond Felton's Gun Arrest.

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New York Knicks guard Raymond Felton's estranged wife walked his pistol into an NYPD precinct and got the hoops star busted on three gun possession charges. According to NYPD, Ariane Raymondo-Felton brought her husband's semi-automatic Belgian-made pistol into cops -- and early Tuesday morning Ray turned himself in for questioning. He was eventually booked for two felonies -- 2nd and 3rd degree possession of a firearm -- as well as 4th degree possession ... a misdemeanor.
Felton went to the Manhattan precinct to deal with the gun trouble ... right after the Knicks lost another heart breaker to the Dallas Mavericks. It's unclear at this point why Felton's wife of just 19 months brought the gun to cops. She filed for divorce last week.
"The wife is saying they had four verbal altercations since July last year. On the last one, he pointed a gun at her. It's an armor-piercing gun, loaded. It's a bad ass gun," a law enforcement source told The Post. The source said the gorgeous Raymondo-Felton, 26, got fed up with Felton and told cops he was a serial cheater. (New York Post)
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Welp, she'll take that money and build a nice spread back home in Brazil...while he's in jail. LOL.


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She could be embellishing to justify her actions.

Either way you slice it, he's a dumbass for cheating and leaving this kind of incriminating evidence not locked up in a safe only he can open.

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that's why I said he's a dumbass particularly for what I underlined.


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Dumb ass??? Maybe.. But who would think that ur wife or husband would c you in hail and/or PLOT against u in this way? Most ppl trust their spouses and most ppl would never go there even when estranged or beefing.. Takes a special brand of asshole to go to these lengths


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so not only did she file for divorce last week, but then has this dude being charged with felonies. smh guess next time (if it'll happen again) he'll think about cheating.

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I bet his dumb ASS don't have ah Prenuptial Agreements
Why should he??? She fair skinned, got nice pretty long hair..non afro features...shiiiiid...dude hit the jackpot. Fcuk a prenup, when you guaranteed pretty mixed babies.

Mixed docile gyal me say!


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Snitch Ariane Raymondo-Felton Gets NBA Husband Arrested

Snitch Ariane Raymondo-Felton Gets NBA Husband Arrested.......what would you do to her ?

Also, do you feel she is a snitch?

I do, clearly he wasnt bulling her right!


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We have to admit Ariane Raymondo-Felton is a smart lady. In fact, the estranged wife of Raymond Felton is too smart. This Ivy League graduate is currently in law school and on her way to becoming a lawyer. Last night, she used her intellect to get her soon-to-be ex husband, a point guard for the New York Knicks, arrested.

Look below for 9 pictures of Ariane Raymondo-Felton, who is actually quite beautiful. That said, she also sounds like a snitch.

This chick went to the police and turned over an FN Five-Seven handgun that the NBA player owned. By doing so, she knew exactly what the outcome would be: Multiple felony charges and a cleaner break when she ends up officially divorcing him.

Be careful, guys. Marrying a woman who is orders of magnitude smarter than you is asking for trouble. That’s exactly what happened here.

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Listen, when you a person..especially a man in a POWERFUL positions or simply wealthy. You have too perspectives decide from, do you stay Single and risk putting yourself repeatedly in situation lose your position or fortune. Or, take the lesser risk and settle down with one woman, hope for the best. Now if the latter scenario doesn't work out...well, at least you can say she worked hard for reward. Oppose to being a Charity case for every woman you come into contact with.