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Which Phone Shall The Overlord Of Imix Buy Next

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OverLord Strum

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I love plain. All that other crap Samsung and LG puts on their phones just to get something simple working makes Android slow. You have to admit though, the new Droids/Moto X doesn't skip a beat. It is very fluid and no lag. Also there are apps to change your status bar/notification bar that do not require root.
Yes they were definitely smooth as butter on my wife's ass.

Samsung dropped the ball with their latest you gonna have such UI lag on a phone as powerful as the S4...damn overhyped losers.

But I am trying to find that medium between stock experience and customization. (battery percentage display without 3rd party app being a superficial need, icon renaming, icon customization etc)

If LG passes my radio and battery tests....AND gives me those custom options...AND is buttery smooth (i think it will be based on reviews) then I will undoubtedly keep the phone.