How come black folks aint up in arms bout dis shytt?


Get your passport & come !
I saw this video a few days ago....

I didn't post it because I wanted to spare allyuh another "Black Women are Terrorist" post...:meeting:
Bwoy...and the women like her are not a one drop.

I hate to say your point is becoming apparent...but...still, had the father stuck around in that woman's life and the life of that child's, odds are they both won't be raging insane, so he could have controlled her madness and been a rock for his daughter.

But his absence is probably related to what drives these women crazy in the first place...they not all born that way.

We need both the men and the women to be okay and doing their jobs for things to work. Can't be all about the women wrong nor can it ever be all about the men wrong. Both sides need to sort it out.