How do you usually spend your free time? Who has a hobby?


How do you usually spend your free time? Who has a hobby? Not so long ago, I began to get involved in golf. I feel that this is my element. But in order to engage in this sport, I need to buy special clothes. What can you advise me? On the Internet, I found some good options for myself on the portal I got acquainted with the characteristics and clothes and read reviews of other players. But I am interested to know your opinion on this.


Good morning. Good post! I think all beginners should read this article. I had big experience in betting and football and hockey are my favorite games. By the way what do you think about sources like this one here Is it good variant to play? I would like to hear your opinion.


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Not a bad store, I did some golf shopping there, great quality.
I also have a question about golf, specifically about golf carts. Did someone buy a golf cart from Vantage Tag Systems? I want to purchase a single-seat model with GPS. I have read the reviews and they are all positive, but I would still like to hear the opinion of others here, because in my golf club, no one has a golf cart of this manufacturer yet.