How things are going in your area?


Has your own city/state done a good job so far for containing Covid-19 cases?

We're all got bothered and worried when this pandemic hit the world. We became anxious about our health, our safety, and our family's and loved ones' so it's better to know that in our backyard and community that we are safer inside compare to other places.

My area's been fairing well but we are still high on covid cases, but with yuletide season coming in, not sure how bad it can get again.


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It's absolute madness.

The number of cars on the road the past couple of days have been crazy.

We need to lock down for a month ahead of Christmas. Just have grocery stores and the really essential businesses stay open. With the number of people out and about, closing indoor dining and gyms or whatever just aren't going to get us to where we need to be. And with Christmas coming up, we need to drive that number way, way down. The half-ass lockdown in my state (Washington) and others won't do it. We need to just shut shit down for a month completely.

The federal government needs to be giving states the incentive to shut down and drive down these virus numbers. States can't afford to go into lockdown and tell people they can't go to work, when the state doesn't have the funds needed to be a safety net for all the business owners, employees, renters, landlords, etc. The federal government needs to be the driving force behind states going into lockdown, and it's just not happening.

I just found out about this article and I thought I could share and leave it here, a good read for most of us that's trying to maintain our mental well-being during these days. Always keep yourself safe.



Hang in there. I'm sure in due time, we will all get past this pandemic as vaccines are being readily available. Hopefully, in the early months of next year, it will be available globally. :)


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The situation is difficult for the Seh. I watched the news today. There is a new wave of covid in Europe. This virus has mutated and its spread is even faster and the consequences are more dangerous.
But the problem is also that throughout the year we are in a tense state. People are limited in communication. Someone even gets divorced! Who has depression and nervous breakdowns


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The pandemic has changed the lifestyle for many people. It is especially hard for those who are lonely and who have no family.
In our city, like many others, many entertainment places where people talked and met were closed. But this is a security issue.
Dating in Dallas has become a good opportunity for me to communicate and meet.
I met a charming girl. We are currently communicating via voice & video chat. And I hope the covid ends soon and we can meet


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Yesterday I came across a dating site. Yes, it is so interesting and simply written that I wanted to go to the site and register so that I would no longer be alone on Saturday night to feel how coffee meets bagel :LOL:. I just don't have time to find a partner because of my job.