How will Allyuh feel when Islandmix LLC close this site down ?


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
I hope allyuh willing to put up money to create the app, Dragon, set up the gofundme app, I have my $50 to offer.
We don't owe this website anything financially. Supporting this website with our time and our intelligent contributions is enough.

Management need to do what is necessary so that the site can make money to support itself and its own development.
Naaaah, I disagree, they are part of the problem, along with a lot of Bias ass naïve W.I.s who feel they know more about a next man country....yet they never put foot in that island and the constant Island bashing !

Their post are full of, would you want to stay around to see those insults daily ? ...given, these punks are pu$$y, given that 90% of them not man or woman enough to say it to someone in their face.....cyber cowards !

Some feel so empowered behind that keyboard that it is a turn off....given that most of us are black, where to some degree we can trace back our roots to Africa, some delusional Fcukers, feel that only their Islands have beautiful Black women....or delusional not to understand you insult one Black in Haiti, Jamaica, insulting your race, damn fool, if you black and think otherwise.

Also, numerous thread, e mails , PMs were sent to the owners to make the site better....if you know about business....having a lot of ppl posting, talking shit aint gonna help their bottom line, you need ads, promoters posting their events, etc to generate funds, it cost a lot to run, maintain a site like this, servers, lawyers, etc

I even told or posted they should of switch to a TMZ format to generate ad dollars....ppl like celebrity gossips and B.S. like that....

Chasing the next Carnival will do little in revenue to the site when some of the promoters circumvent portals like this in favor of FB, Twitter, etc.....

some of those same " I love Culture " ..etc....go out of their way to not spend money with portals like this to promote their events!

How many ppl you know back in the days go home to T&T to their carnival.....yet, never bought a legit CD when they were selling, did nothing to promote the music...all they, or some is interested in is crashing on the floor and to pay tribe $1200 to play mas....

A lot more can be done...some ppl just don't give a shit.....

CC, wow, so all of a sudden, ppl not interested in going to Carnival...ok....nothing to talk about..or better yet, if it aint about Trinidad Carnival, I don't want to know...this is the mind set, so what do you expect...better ?
There is more to life than carnival and fete! As far as island hate and bashing you are just sensitive. Anytime somebody put up pics of bleachers u wanna cry, man up dude.