Hugo Chavez - Dead


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I met President Chavez in 2005 when he came to my district at my invitation. His focus on the issues faced by the poor and disenfranchised in his country made him a truly revolutionary leader in the history of Latin America. He understood that after 400 years on the outside of the established power structure looking in, it was time that the poor had a chance at seeing their problems and issues addressed. His core belief was in the dignity and common humanity of all people.
“When he visited, President Chavez offered a new type of program to the people of the Bronx. He had harnessed the power of his nation’s oil resources and was using their profits—through Citgo—to enact social spending programs. Now he offered people in the Bronx that were struggling economically the same deal. He would provide home heating oil at a huge discount, provided the savings were reinvested in programs that benefited the underserved and underprivileged. I am proud to report that we have benefited from that program ever since, with millions invested in our community through this program and through a grant program he set up.

“Though President Chavez was accused of many things, it is important to remember that he was democratically-elected many times in elections that were declared free and fair by international monitors. Even today, people in North America seem unable to accept that Venezuelans had taken our admonitions to have democracy to heart and elected the leader of their choice. President Chavez carried out the programs that his constituents wanted enacted, and won reelection. This too was revolutionary in the history of Latin America.

“President Chavez was a controversial leader. But at his core he was a man who came from very little and used his unique talents and gifts to try to lift up the people and the communities that reflected his impoverished roots. He believed that the government of the country should be used to empower the masses, not the few. He understood democracy and basic human desires for a dignified life. His legacy in his nation, and in the hemisphere, will be assured, as the people he inspired continue to strive for a better life for the poor and downtrodden.”

Jose Serrano Praises Hugo Chavez; Congressman Says Venezuelan Leader 'Understood The Needs Of The Poor'

Mr. Friday

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R.I.P to a great man...U.S.A government probably all smiles now, seems like all de leaders that were willin to stand up n oppose the u.s. are either dead(killed) or ousted...Iran president starting tuh look like ah last man standin now yes


where de crix
Apparently man of you jackasses was willing to live in Venezuela when he was cricket cricket........ah love to hear allyuh defending these henchmen in the comforts of the US of A............
not me, to be fair he trashed Venezuela's economy


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Any TRINI who support that clown is ah FOOL, for years the Venezuelan navy has been abusing Trinidadians in our waters and their pirates robbing US. I am glad de focker DEAD


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boy at the end of the day, this man helped my nation so i will always big him up, his thinking was maybe a little too advanced for some nations in the caribbean who still didnt want to upset uncle sam or queen elizabeth. way i see it dominica like a lot of caribbean countries dont have much to lose, we are poorest in eastern caribbean, its time to stop waiting and taking handout, thats why our pm always exploring ties in china, north africa, venezuela etc. only ting da could fuk we up is de visa situation, but gradually dominicans have gotten more accustom; there are many other places to go if need be other than usa or uk.


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The man was a great leader who stood up for his people and the poor against the almighty Godusa.

May God rest his soul in peace

Juan Dan


The man was a great leader who stood up for his people and the poor against the almighty Godusa.

May God rest his soul in peace
if you just jump up in treds about vs vs bs or dna strains etc I will just smh