I Love All Of You And I Thank You....


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Because knowing you has made me better and I realize how much we all have a responsibility to help each other grow.

I mean that from the depths of my heart.



**And a big THANK YOU to all of you who have purchased my book. I'm grateful. You have made me a success.

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Juan Dan

big up mj7
me and you a go tek a walk through the wild hunnids one day
see if we can save some youth


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what's the book about?
The book was motivated by true events that I witnessed in my community growing up and my response to the destruction of so many young Black men. It's an honest reaction; the catalyst coming from many thread discussions on another website within the last decade.

Every word written could have come from any Black woman's diary--I just expanded those conversations and put them into chapter context and let it flow.

The book bold and honest, yet proactive at the same time. I'm not demeaning, but I am keeping it real.

Basically, I feel that far too many young Black men have fallen asleep and they NEED TO WAKE UP. It's intent is to GET THE ATTENTION of young Black men and empower them through reeducation of their history, contributions as well as the scrutiny and suggested remedy for their actions.

A lot of my coworkers have the book and many friends. Everyone has been blown away by it so far.

***Warning: the one review of the book came from a racist white woman. I responded. You can read my response here: Amazon.com: Kris' review of A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman: ...



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MJ, what's the 7 about in your moniker?
7 is a Holy Number. Some call it God's number. And believe it or not; but it's followed me my entire life. Seriously. House numbers, post box number, employee I.D. numbers; fro some reason, the sequence of numbers always ad up to 7.