I'm renovating my house. What decorative balusters would you recommend for this staircase?


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I'm renovating my house. Now the main task is to rebuild the stairs to the second floor. It is in bad condition because white fungus has destroyed the integrity of the wooden steps and struts. I have completed the staircase, the decoration is left. I would like to use decorative balusters, I think it would be beautiful. What decorative balusters would you recommend for this staircase (example)?


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I recommend looking at interior stair balusters here. When I was renovating my house, this resource helped me a lot. Also, when you're renovating, it's best to consider good quality materials, because you're not likely to want to redo everything in a couple of years.


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Why would you want to add anything? If your staircase looks like that, I think it already looks pretty stylish. If you add more decorations, it's no longer minimalist.


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It is better to think over such things in advance, or try to do the design yourself, or it is better to contact a company where professionals will make a design project suitable for your needs. When I was doing repairs in the house, I applied to a design company and they made a great project for me, and also provided kitchen cabinets service in Southampton for me!