IMIX Good Friday Bobolee!!


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A very old tradition that continues to survive is the beating of the Bobolee. The origin of the word "bobolee" has become obscured with time but the actual word is still widely used. A bobolee is an effigy of Judas Iscariot made from old clothes stuffed with rags or dried grass. It is placed in a public place on Good Friday and anyone who passes is welcomed to "beat the bobolee" with sticks, kicks or slaps. The beating originally symbolised retribution for Judas for betraying Christ. With the passage of time the bobolee has also come to symbolise anything that is unpopular whether it is inflation or unpopular politicians. One would think that only children would "beat the bobolee" but adults are often immersed in the fun. The actual word "bobolee" has now become such a part of Trinidad culture that it is used to describe any individual who is taken advantage of by others or who has received a severe beating.


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I was talking to a Ukrainian Catholic Bishop today about "Judas Day" today.
Seems like they have something similar to this tradition as well. Thought that was kinda cool.


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Madame Stat!
Not for her stout defence of Jamaican music, people like what they like. But for rubbishing calypso music to prove dancehall not declining, as if one proves the other.