iPhone 5 Release Thread


I didn't want to update my phone because I have the 3gs and I'm going to get the 5...anyways the thing automatically updated last night. It did make some changes though. The maps, the dial pad, passbook, itunes U, new podcast, find friends, new find iphone


People and their obsession to have every new phone that comes out, obsession with smart phones in general..

"More than a third of U.S. adults — 35 percent — now own a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center, and two-thirds of them sleep with their phones right next to their beds."
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Plays Harder
Booooooo ah dont like the square look wha they give it like the 4s and all the features they lef out ah dont want it NUH MO!!!!


Apple CEO Tim Cook is admitting ... the company's new "Maps" program suuuuuuuucks ... but he vows to make up for the mistake.

Cook just released a statement ... saying, "We are extremely sorry for the frustration [the Maps program] has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better."

Cook adds, "While we’re improving Maps, you can try alternatives by downloading map apps from the App Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use Google or Nokia maps by going to their websites and creating an icon on your home screen to their web app."

Still, Cook promises to fix the issues ASAP ... saying, "Everything we do at Apple is aimed at making our products the best in the world ... We will keep working non-stop until Maps lives up to the same incredibly high standard."