Is jealousy a sign of love, attachment, dependency???


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Its not about attention seeking, its the fact that in that example he was yours in a sense..his efforts were devoted to winning you over even though you knew he didn't have a chance. Its like he may be a pest but he's your pest but now he belongs to someone else. That's human nature and ok as long as I said, you can recognize it for what it is and act accordingly. The whole example is to show that you DON'T have to love something in order to feel territorial about. Comes like a kid that has a toy they never play with...let another child come over and show interest in the toy, now all of a sudden the child is like "MINE".
:kicks: this sounds sooooooo cray


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I know BUT, it happens no? Tell the truth...
it does all the gf called me crying one day...her sister fuked her lil pest.. im like true, the fuk u crying could she, bla bla like u don't like his ass anyway, pulease, don't cock block mang...after a few minutes of reminding her that she really didn't like him and that she was just being extra cause she's not going to get his attn like that...she started laughing and said, OMG, ur so right u b*tch! lol


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when somebody who always troubling me get a woman i does be glad.. Puncheon shots celebration kinda ting
its not like a troubling kina ting...its like smaddy u go out with when ur bored, or talk to on the phone all the time...smaddy that likes u, u like them kinda but nah, but u like the attn that they give u...


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i had a friend who had a circle of friends that i knew about for years..this was when i was married and didn't go out i would listen to her talk about alla the guys that like her blah blah blah...there was this one that she went on dates with, said she never did anything with him and NEVER planned to...i would tell her thats mean blah blah blah..she would say fuk it, at least he gets to enjoy her company, etc...after my husband passed, a year later, i joined her circle...and the same guy took to me....i really didn't think she would get J, she was in love with another guy and just used M to pass the time...i KNEW like T are u serious?? :lol i thought it was the funniest shit...girl she get so vex, my bff now had to be like, shit, u don't want him, wtf nobody else supposed to!! Finally i just left it alone cause she was too damn shemotional about it lol...hell, at least it showed her that he was runnin game the whole time di ass he deeply in love with her for years and as soon as fresh meat reach, he all over it :kicks


oh i was thinkign is an actual pest.. like one of them men you doh like and they always harassing you day in and day out to give them a chance.. lol.. cos i was here wondering why you would mourn his loss lol..

but yea, that happened a few months ago.. a dude who was after me, is now with one of my classmates from high school.. i saw them a few months ago at an event.. but he kept staring me down whole night cos it was the first time i'd seen him in years (prompting my friend who also went to high school wtih me to ask what really going on here??)..i didnt even know they were together until later on that night due to the way he behaved.. i didnt really feel no way as i couldnt be wtih him anyway...