Islandmix Daily News Part IV

Juancito Trucupey

Hadha min fadhle Rabbi
Good Evening I am Pano Panamaniac and this is your Islandmix Nightly News...

In todays news Islandmix seemed to be back in full swing after this past holiday weekend. We begin the news off with a thread posted by one of site mod's Stryka.

Juss wanted to highlight a couple upcoming updates on the site to our members first:

This weekend we will be doing a scheduled maintenance outage to perform some activities behind the scenes and make a couple minore updates that also include the following... will be fully endorsing a online <b>Talent Show</b> that you have been reading about already. Its a great idea that we wanted to do previously and more details and banners are coming... basically... we allowing peeps to submit videos of their talent... some restrictions apply ;) but they have to add a likkle signage (hold up a sign or something) that says before their video or mention on the audio mp3... we have set up the VIDEO room to allow for all submission to be uploaded in there... cuz it easier to review in one spot... we want to give enough time for participation by alot of talented members, so the contest will be open till <b>MEMORIAL WEEKEND</b>...more info (member and celebrity judging) to come from <b>1trini-gyal </b> and us though...

<b>New Forums</b> are coming as requested... There will be a new ZOUK/KOMPAS and TECHNICAL forum added... plus a few things will be re-arranged...

If you are seeing some <b>green underlined links</b>, they are only temporary for members. Only GUESTS will see the highlighted links in thh forums which is simply advertising that we are experimenting with but only for the peepers. However, i have to keep it online for everyone for atleast till Tuesday night for it to set properly.


TO read all of the entire post by Stryka here is the link:

The thread gained over 3 pages and it was only posted today. It was a very informative thread go check it.

Old Murderer created a thread asking imixers who were their favorite Imixers. Needless to say the thread with 5 pages. Here are some post,

I too new; but Skliz awright.
Empress Shantelle.. :grin:
Ole Murderer

It varies on diff days.... :grin:
Islandmix song Mystique Blue has posted a new thread stating she has a secret crush on an unknown male member of Imix. Here is her post,
My heart palpitates like a herd of large animals crossing the Serengeti.... Oh how u make me blush by the strokes of your keys to the funny posts u make at times..... awwwwwww,,, I'm in love.....

If only for one night, I can make it into a lifetime. Just to meet u in person would make my dream a reality, then I'll turn our introduction into a lifetime. Just staring into your eyes and kissing your lips would be a moment of eternal pleasure. Take me as your prisoner and sentence me to be your lover for life. Give me my very last, fist kiss. Be mine!!! I can see your HALO :angel::angel::kiss::kiss::luv:luv
Here is what the Imixer's had to say,
You haven't been around imix long enough to understand how Mystique's mind works. Stay far, far away! Ask Picong about her..he's one of her biggest fans. :grin:
She's ah romantic?

Well carry on Mystique, sorry for my rude intervention.
Yuh is meh fave character in XMen, too
You can declare your crush's name HERE
Romantic? She's mad. Split personality kinda ting ah talkin bout. But if dais de kinda ting yuh like, by all means. Walk brave padna!
In more news, Dollbabi created a thread informing all of Imix that President Obama was lifting the embargo for Cuban American's making it easier for them go and visit their family still on the island. The thread gained many responses and spawned heated debates. Here is the link...

And Now for the weather...
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WTH!! yeah it was...really bad!

Juancito Trucupey

Hadha min fadhle Rabbi
Good Evening I am Pano Panamaniac and this is your Islandmix Nightly News.

Starting off tonights news Hellooo Brooklyn created a thread last night asking the men of Imix if they have ever seen a girl on the street who always assumed that every man wants to "talk/holla" at them. Here is his original post,
Fellas, You ever walk down the street or be in an area, and see a girl what the expression on his face like "this dude wants to holla at me" or "he gonna holla at me" when she see you... I hate them girls that think every guy wants to automatically holla... and when you ignore their asses they got this look on their face like "huh, you mean to say he didnt wanna holla at me" or look back at you out the corner of her eye to see if you at least watching her walk away...
The thread was fairly popular reaching 4 pages. It gained many responses from Imixers Here are what they had to say,
I know u said fellas, but this is so funny :lol
thank god i'm not one of those females.

i would love to know how this expression looks.
Sound like somebody get ah dread blank.:scratch
Yeh, I had a thread about this same thing a couple yrs ago...

Its still funny...
^^Aww come on ladies, lets not play dumb...
Yall never left the house, thought you had your A game goin, and everything on point. and walk down the street and pass a fell and just assume "oh i am sure i am gonna catch this fellas eye, and he will want to holla
actually...i prefer a guy to not look at me as I walk by. It's kinda unnerving (cause u feel like they're sizing ya up/ looking at ya like a piece of meat- sometimes). So yes...i may have my game on point but i'm never jus expecting a guy to holla! jus being honest...
yup n sometimes they walk with an extra swag when they realize u looking at em.. then when u pass them str8 n they turn around they have this look lol.. or the ones that just keep looking at u in ur eyes and when u passing them they breaking their neck looking at u still like they anticipating 4 u to talk or sum shit.
Veteran yet fairly unknown Imixer Vincyempress posted a thread saying how she was trying to find a "man" and how she was tired of all of the common men. Here is what she had to say,
Me does wondah mek some man LIE so much. Plz yuh cah self find ah man who ain posses pinnochio qualities agen. Anyway, i am ah vincy empress and i long fo meet ah man, me fed up ah dem rusty vincy, lieing jamaican, cheap trini, greasy guyanese, rusty haitian, retarded americans, ...etc. Anyway Im not desperate, im just sayin u know. All man now ah dayz wah c is ah batty, they so full ah fart man...stewps, i tired cuss all yuh. Black men need to buck up and know how fo treat ah empress like myself,. One ting is fo sure i cud hold my own an' me doh beg man fo nuttin nor hutt up they weh the hell else fo do?...anyway good noit!
The thread was a hit for her. It has reached 6 pages thus far. Here is what they said,
we cheap now?
4 yrs and such a hostile first post!
Yea i can only reply now because ah been ha ah trini man and he sell the computer.
Sound like you lookin tuh go get yuh licker license.:scratch
hmmm:scratch is there a real answer to all this? just as why woman cheat? n why woman lie?
empress............stupes.......yuh eh have no kinna decorum.......
We have an Emperor named VINCYPOWA for you to meet yall would suit quite well.
Calm down and check what I said...

Let me see how you look.

and, I can tell you why you having hardship.

You think Men don't size up what ehe will/won't or want/don't want with a woman, when he lays his eyes on a her.
She thinks I'm joking....

Some women to some men are only good for getting ana allowance...raiding their fridge...and, cumming in thier face. :meeting:
Empress talk yuh talk nah mek dem badda yuh
And now for the weather...
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Ummmm...okay...yeah he is fired...

Now in other news,

Ole Murderer has created another Member inspired thread asking fellow mixers whot hey wouldn't mind leaving. Here is what some said,
no... I dont want him to leave here .. never.

and Ole Murderer , even thought you are very happy there with your special girl there ... never leave . please

I wish nobody does that stuff . .
Another member is toppa toppa, she is the biggest debating whore, now only if googling information then posting it as your opinion was an indication of your mental command this trini biitch would be brilliant. Instead it has the attitude but not reason for it's attitude.

can't keep my imix name out yuh mouth fuh long eh!
What happen to Craig??!!

And didn't you and Taj have something going at one point? What happened?
he departed was his last....yup

u missed the farewell>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:superman2
I wish you would disappear from planet earth.
I like Taj .
I appreciate each an every Imix persona dey add to we colourful e-diaspora.........T-Makaaa.......lolol....u hate him dat much???? :confused:

alllyuh good oui.....lolol :rofl:
I wha Classy Lady leave and come live with me.

Something bout dat girl face, boy. I like she face too bad.
Poca created a thread asking the men of Imix would they feel less manly if they would follow their SO if she had to relocate for her job. Here is her post,
would you feel less manly, if you had to relocate because of your wife's career??? Would you even consider such thing?
Here is what a few had to say on the matter.
North Dakota cool with me; desperate housewives snow bunny edition boss
Nah, I love that.
No best friend to worry 'bout, she go be making dollars and I go have ah three month break to not look for a job.
Absolutely not....

Keeping up with ur partner's career changes is one of the biggest reasons why alot relationship do not last nowadays. I've been that person, and also dealt with a few women who were going through career changes. Bless all those who were able to sustain a relationship. :meeting:
And now In OPP/Sportz Talk:

The top three threads in OPP are as follows:

In Sportz Talk the top threads are as follows:

IMN also wants to send our prayers and support to the families of those victims of the horrible accident in St. Lucia.

With that, this has been your Islandmix Nightly News. I am Pano Panamaniac, thank you and good night.

Juancito Trucupey

Hadha min fadhle Rabbi
Good Evening I am Pano Panamanaic and this is your Islandmix Nightly News.

First in today’s news,
Vincyempress has created a hit thread. The thread was created saying how much she loved the West Indians uniqueness and how we have the West Indies are home to the best words/expressions. Here is her post,
:grin:I think WEST INDIANS r the funniest ppl in dah WORLD! and we expression/ phrases/ words dem does kill me with jokes. So pls leave ur favorite west indian word/expression/phrase and try to explain it in "PLAIN" english or try to define the word yuh put...heres one ah min>>> "you edge up eh?" it means being nosy, or pushy in ppls buisness.
The thread is already over 3 pages long and is only certain to continue growing. Here are some responses.
here's one of my favorite.... gel move yuh dry head self! or move yuh pissing tale self!
Thats ok. Eg "Bottom Fast" should be self explanatory.Strew face, skrewface.
Feel up.= to bace a gal.Fat eye=to peep under a gal
Fatfowl=to feed a gal
I doh really know what it mean, but ah like "jeezan ages"
In Trinidad thais ah Hindi word for 'gossip'. Ah tink dey spell it like kuchur
I jus saw one that DD said that always cracked me up....'aye,ketch yuh falling self eh'

i also like

'yuh dotish or wha'?
'you get your head tief'
'yuh stickin like 2 dogs in a road'
fallow fashin dawg does ketch mangie
Goat bite yo
when ram goat merry dey seed does cut out
In other news a thread was forgotten on last nights news. Swere created a thread with the hopes of getting a couple of questions answered by Islandmix’s latst newbie “Swallow.” It was found out that Swallow was indeed a male. After Swerve found that out he said he no longer wanted to continue with the processing of Swallow and passed him on to someone else. Thi s is what took place in the thread,

Immortality Don't need A visa.

Now go cut wrist you wasting a life.
you telling ppl to cut their wrist huh... why is that? u dont play well with others?
She will get her credits.. she knows that.
Back to you..
This is your thread...
Introduce yourself to the Masses...
I guess you never migrated or don't really work @ any immigration.

Or you just retarded.

I 'll stick with the latter.

Anyhow I am a male.
Yo Swallow go play in pig shit.
Swerve....yuh too civilized.......leave it tuh d professionals
Seems like we got a hostile one
And now for the weather…
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Seriously…pay attention…we don’t pay you to miss your cue…Jerk

Ms. Classy Lady created a thread asking the vet’s what is with all of the newbies showing up in on Islandmix. Here is her initial post,

All those so called 'imix retirees' resurfacing under new aliases huh...:scratch

Here is what others had to say on the matter,

they want to see the Precious nude photos, but I aint geying them none.
It is a bit suspect. I guess many have just maccoo'd on the Mix for a while and now want to throw in their 2 cents??? Hmmm I dunno!

LOL, yeah you have a point....nuff *grimey* minds out deh! lol
but all of a sudden when the place so dead.

isn't boom times when ppl join
Dragon wukkin hard on facebook fi recruit dem.......good Job Draggy :clapping:
I ainno it seem suspect to me too.

:hi: Classy
1) retired imixers who come back under an alias...what's the point in that? i dunno nah?

2) multiple personality members like DD or peepers who does make aliases when she bored or according to which one of her personalities is out for the day

3) ppl who may see a certain artists, mas designer, promoter, etc. being talked about in a negative or positive way and wanna create screennames just to either sh!t talk the person or big them up as well

4) peepers who finally realize that peeping doh make sense to do and they man up and make a blasted screen name.

This afternoon scandal struck Imix . A person by the name of Chris bm joined the site and their first post was as follows,

Chris bm gained more than expected as many of Imix’s vets strolled into the thread and were ready and waiting for more to be revealed. The thread reached past three pages easily and not even an hour after being created. Here are some different thoughts on the matter,

try facebook
dais muh cousin. wham?

I think she giving out donuts at one of the various tea parties going on.
People come in a forum juss so and start throwing out names? This reminds me of Lenny101 posting that skinny chick picture on here asking for our opinion.
yea i know her..she hiding from chris baby mother
She is a whore and she took my cousins man.... I just wanted to know if anyone knew of her because i know she gets around.......
So what's wrong with yuh cousin crotches that she can't keep har man?

The sexually deprived of imix wanna know
so informative!....this is the foolishness you coming and posting on imix?
And now on to OPP and Sportz Talk:

In OPP here are the top threads for the day.:

Here are the top threads from Sportz Talk:

**ALERT ALERT** This just in here are two more threads you all should go check into.

Everyone make sure you visit Strictly Soca Chat as well as Carnival Central.

With that this has been your Islandmix Nightly News. I am Pano Panamaniac. Thak You and Good Night.