It's FRIDAY what did you learn on IMIX


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I learn that some Imixers claim to be married with children....when they are actually SINGLE with Child.

I learn that Ingram tried to make a food off of me that only spinned in the mud, better luck next time.

I learn that AKKS gave his genuine sentiment, and the Imix ladies went on a Witch Hunt that went no where.

I learn that Imixers think jiggy rants/post are just ramblings, and not incredible thoughts on the state of affairs.

I learn that Brownie aka Eloquence is maturing into a woman, from a young lady...and her new look is looking very good on her.

I finally accept the notion that a choice few Imix ladies really have no interest in learning how to better cohabitate with a man, and prefer to Compete and try to out do a man.

I learned that AKKS presents a Great Point about Mixed or latina women presents the Best of Both/Multiple Worlds...

maybe, more will come by the end of the day.


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When it comes to relationships with a black man found out what was second nature to Elisangela Coutinho de Jesus is too much to ask of some black woman named LaToya.


People are blind to themselves. I knew this from before but damn if that isn't confirmed to the extreme on this virtual apparatus


i learned that some folks have the same rhetoric on loop..

i learned that perception is half the battle..

i learned that stranger danger is MORE than real...

i learned that i am lapsing on the ticket.. lawd.. two weeks lol


change is up to us...
that evil canbe right under your nose and you still dont see it...
tellin people about their behaviour can get you follow and cuss...
even when white sees you as a hero, your people will still see your unkeep notty hair...
all bad begins still have happy endings...


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I learned more about fat camps...uuugh!

I learned that some people think spewing disrespect/insults toward particular women b/c they choose to date interracially is acceptable.

I learned people are harsh when it comes to Dragon's selections in women.


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So tell me what you know about the genetics of Africa. You claim I "copy and paste", but I'm just relaying the important notes on our origins... From legit, pro-African sources....What are your thoughts?

You claim I look for validation, but I've been told I look like this and like that. You're stuck in you circle of other angry negroes.... So go deepthroat a turd... Because you want drama, not an exchange of information and opinions