Its not too late to merge some forums and save Imix from itself...

problem with IMIX, the owner is a classic fool when he ready

very authoritarian and clownish, i have ideas to make the site better, consult me

Juan Dan

wite people are boring
decent people are boring
those on the road to getting a wite mentality aka decent fronting ass mentality
have to repuzzle their mindsets and learn to think differently
all in all the hood is ded aka bullshit blk mentalities

the dirty cultures and lifestyles of the lowest of blk people that was accepted as "normal" is no more so

men like dragon are expected to have wives and be great examples for the young men like swaggerific and mayaka

and women like such and such are expected to not be talking bout a new date and "my friend that everybody knows is me" just had another break the tenth for the year

all in all its nothing more than decency run amock

and intelligence, aint no moe "I am a strng blk woman on her peerad and I am always right cause every blk man wants to fakk me"

and one of the gal clowns here who wanna fukk her says "yeah she right she always right, I just want a fidduck or to show the other guys I am not ghay and can get women so I will be real suave and smooth and act like a gallis yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

yall get the idea
there was nothing wrong with dragon other than the women he seemed to be pushing were fukkin all out bishes and couldn't run a fowl coob in a professional non bishy fashion if their feathers depended on it
push some professional nice women for the new year