Jamaicans are the most brainwashed of Caribbean people NOT Bajans.

Trini Juan

par wid devil n lock hell
I have never been big on politics, NEVER! During the UK election it was a hot topic so I engaged in the banter and gave the general UK perspective!

But not me and politics. Historically, politics/democracy has never and never will benefit the masses. Only a select few who have the financial power to influence government policy will ever benefit from politics. This is a concept I CANNOT believe in. I believe in fairness for all - politics is the direct opposite of this!

I also believe in taking responsibility for oneself. I could never rely on any government for anything.

Its amazing to see how you are so obsessed with vye negre. This is not the first time you have tried to catch me out and imply that I use multiple accounts. Now your trying to suggest that Vye Negre is more than one person. Very interesting to see the effect Vye negre seems to have on you... hmmmm
3rd person now
A bit obsessive I would say
If u who u say Then so be it
It's not a big deal
I just am not into bad vibes and negativity
And every time I get into it with someone it's always a certain kind of mindset

I find that vastly interesting
Yet hey I am just into knowledge n folks being civil n stop the nuggary angry biatch shit

Juan would rather not fight u
If u a real person eventually u will do as most and realize Juan is simply a philosopher existentialist extraordinaire
Have a great day sir/maam


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this bleaching thing is very sad! Why a lot of caribbean people are so weak minded that they allow these silly agendas to infiltrate their minds and turn them against themselves. She said she bleaches to make life easier for herself. Says a lot about society where one would feel the need to go to that extreme for acceptance.
Exactly its ################ed up how people so brainwashed. And to think the Rastafari movement came outta Jamrock.

your boy red ed still lose, and labour has no Balls

Did you see the UK budget? All of us are ################ed or less u rich.