meaning i put you in a category based on the deciding factor...

nice acg boots - possibly a cop or lives in an urban environment
wearing an outfit that would do well with black shoes but wearing brown shoes and/or having shoes and belt not matching - sense of style not honed.
use words like "skrimp" "ambulamps"and "wanted was to" - level of education -possibly basic.
wears a tailored suit that fits like he was born in it - attention to detail and has developed personal style
even in casual clothes always looks neat - values personal appearance and grooming habits.
says things like "you feel you better than " - insecurity issues..

that's all...


judging is just evaluating.. it can be good or bad.. you judge people when you deem them trustworthy or intelligent or whatever.. being critical is pointing out stuff you dont agree witjh


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Critical can be Negative or Positive, depending on the outcome of the assessment.

Ok fair enough You are right. I think ?

Like negative. " black women are terrorists .... "
Positive " there are so many example of great women that should as examples to other black women "