Justine Damond the white woman killed in Minneapolis. A blogger take on her killing.

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I Don’t Give a ################ About Justine Damond

I don’t give a ################ about Justine Damond and what happened to her.
I don’t give a ################ because most white people didn’t give a ################ when police murdered seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones as she lay on a couch, sleeping. What most white people — and some black people — did was blame Aiyana’s family.

I don’t give a ################ because a black woman (or a Native woman) in the identical situation Justine was in wouldn’t garner support or sympathy from most white people. No. What most white people would do is look for reasons that might justify why the police officer “had” to kill the black woman.
Most white people rely on this idea that black people, in situations where white people are in pain, are only ever to be soothing and understanding; only ever to be Mammy or Uncle Remus; only ever to extend condolences; only ever to embody loyalty; only ever to offer the empathy and sympathy that most white people purposely and haughtily deny when the situation is reversed — almost as if most white people still see us as their property.
When the situation is reversed, when we require empathy and sympathy, then suddenly we’re all of the opposite things that these once-needy white people previously said we were. When the shoe is on the other foot, then they assess us as immoral, violent, criminal, subhuman, unworthy.
But they are not slick.

They maneuver and manipulate every situation so that it’s always to their advantage; moving the goal posts at every turn to ensure that we are always in service to them — irrespective of whether their intentions are wicked or plain.
None of the inane and unsanitary questions they ask of dead black people do they ask of their own wounded. Not one of them has yet to castigate Justine for being belligerent toward police officers, nor have they used that as an excuse for why she had to die — as they so frequently do when the victim is black.
For me, this psychological ################shit of a game stops TODAY.

Bettie Jones, who simply went downstairs to open the door for police after her neighbor called them for assistance, was unarmed and immediately shot by police who were subsequently not charged. Most white people didn’t give a ################ and looked for ways to blame Jones, who was blameless.

I don’t give a ################ about Justine Damond because I know that most white people don’t think what happened to her is indicative of an inherently corrupt and unjust policing system. I know that most white people simply think that this situation means that guns should be taken out of the hands of black people, that black people shouldn’t be placed in positions of authority, and that keeping the police force white would ensure that police won’t mistakenly kill “innocent” white people; that police will, instead, return to their true purpose: Keeping white people “safe” by killing black people.

Most white people are not truly mourning Justine. Most of white people are mourning what the killing of Justine means: That Whiteness isn’t guaranteed to protect them and, in the blink of an eye, they can find themselves in the same plight as black people, which they thought the promise of Whiteness was supposed to prevent.

The question most white people will never dare answer honestly is: Does the “blue life” of the cop who murdered Justine matter more than Justine’s? If white reactions to black deaths at the hands of police are any indication, the answer should be “yes.”
But we’re not fools. We already know that what white people mean by “Blue Lives Matter” is “Black Lives Don’t.” So they can’t subscribe to the idea of the blue life mattering more in this case without diminishing Whiteness and tacitly affirming Blackness. And supporting Justine over the police officer (a black Muslim police officer at that) when they never supported black people over the police officer in identical circumstances, reveals their hypocrisy and white supremacy. Left with these options, most white people will choose silence, pretense, projection, duplicity, deception, sophistry, or amnesia — but never, ever the truth.
I will never extend my care to a peoples whose idea of reciprocation is my annihilation. They can mourn over their losses by their goddamn selves. Just like we do.

I don’t give a ################ about Justine Damond because there are too many — way too many — white-neglected black bodies I have to climb over before I could even get to thinking about hers.
When they put Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ murderer in prison where he belongs, then, and only then, might I consider caring an iota about Justine.

Until then, though: I gives ################s so less than zero that math hasn’t even invented a way to represent it.
“But how could you not care about this innocent blonde white lady?”
The same way you could not care about about innocent black women and girls, or any black person killed by cops. My empathy is not for free. It must be earned. And there are very, very few white people deserving of it.
“But not all white people! And I *did* care when cops killed black people!”
“I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do.” — James Baldwin

Cut and pasting all of the well-worn excuses and positions most white people take when a black or brown person is killed by police, Hasan Ali Ibrahim gets a bunch of white people all up in their feelings as he uses their own words against them in the case of Justine Damond. And the white people discover they can’t take what they dish out and further, aren’t even aware that they are subjects in Ibrahim’s experiment, thereby unwittingly exposing their racism and hypocrisy.

Most white people — and some black people who crave white adjacency — will be OUTRAGED!!!!™ by the mere idea that I could take this position. Their egos and self-centeredness, which are so huge that not even the infinite multiverse has room for them, coupled with their Christianity, which is nothing more than death-glamour in disguise, will be pierced by such a response and, in their pained confusion, they will try to flip the script to make me the morally bankrupt individual in this scenario because they are ill-equipped to contend with self-evaluation. To be fair to them though: It must come as a great shock to go on a soul search, only to discover that the entire endeavor was a wild goose chase from the start.

Rather than face that reality, the soulless resort to, first, fabricating a history and reality that makes my position unjustified. They then deceive themselves about their own words and deeds in the presence of black corpses. Finally, they deny their tendency to kneel before police officers to perform fellatio on their guns, and lie about expecting the officer to tell them when they’re about to shoot so that they could point the opening at our faces instead of theirs.

I say all of this to say:
My disinterest is white people’s fault.
And I hope it makes them angry.
And what they may do with that anger is fix the situations that made my indifference necessary…
Or they can stay mad.
The choice is theirs.



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nah, i dont believe in taking this stance.
I give a shit, a life is still a life. I will take a stand on this as well as when the cops cut down black lives unjustifiably.

same way when that mentally challenged boy was beat up by those lil hood buggas in chicago, i see Shawn King write some bullshit about he will not express outrage on this because those kids will be punished. But i say fuk them kids and fuk those police who take black lives for granted same way.

notorious saga

Woman 'slapped' Minnesota police car before Justine Damond shooting

Search warrant says ‘upon police arrival, a female slaps the back of the patrol squad’, but does not say if the woman was Damond, whom police shot and killed

Associated Press in Minneapolis

Tuesday 25 July 2017 09.51 EDT

Last modified on Wednesday 26 July 2017 00.54 EDT

A woman approached the back of a Minneapolis police car and “slapped” it shortly before an Australian woman was shot and killed by an officer, according to a search warrant filed by the Minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA).

Justine Damond's fiance says he regrets not staying on phone before shooting

The search warrant, which was obtained by Minnesota Public Radio, did not say that the woman was Justine Damond. It said: “Upon police arrival, a female ‘slaps’ the back of the patrol squad … After that, it is unknown to BCA agents what exactly happened, but the female became deceased in the alley.”

Damond, a 40-year-old spiritual teacher who was engaged to be married, was shot dead on 15 July after she called 911 twice to report a possible rape.
Justine Damond.

Mohamed Noor, who was in the passenger seat of a squad car, shot across his partner in the driver’s seat and hit Damond. Noor is on paid leave.

His partner told authorities that he was startled by a loud noise shortly before Damond appeared at the police vehicle.

The search warrant did not say whether the slap was the loud noise Noor’s partner described, MPR reported.

State authorities are investigating potential criminal charges. Noor, who also faces an internal use of force investigation, was one of several Somali Americans hired by the department in recent years as part of the city’s public effort to diversify.

News of the warrant came hours after personnel records for Noor were publicly released on Monday. The records provided some detail about the training courses the officer took but no insight into his performance on the job.

The records showed that Noor was hired as a cadet in March 2015. In September of that year, he received a letter saying he passed his Peace Officer Licensing Examination and was eligible to become a licensed, sworn officer.

The records also showed that Noor took multiple training courses, including recent in-service training about active shooter situations during the Super Bowl, which will be held in Minneapolis next year. His file also said he passed all of his annual semi-automatic, handgun and shotgun qualifications, but there were no additional details about how he performed.

Analysis 'Never been about race': black activists on how Minneapolis reacted to Damond shooting.

Questions about police training were raised after details about the shooting were released. Last week, then police chief Janeé Harteau criticized Noor’s actions but defended his training, saying: “This officer completed that training very well. He was very suited to be on the street.”

Harteau resigned on Friday, at the request of the mayor.

Noor completed a degree in economics and business administration before applying to become a police officer. The records released on Monday did not list any awards or commendations. Records previously released show he had three complaints against him, including one that was dismissed with no discipline and two that are pending.

notorious saga

‘Stupid or Liar’: What Justine Damond’s Death Proves About All Lives Matter

Yesterday 9:00am Filed to: Justine Damond

We’ve played this game before. It derived from a bit by podcaster Adam Carolla, who takes inane statements from politicians, celebrities and people in the news and asks: Are they stupid or are they lying?

Today’s episode of “Stupid or Liar” focuses on the death of Justine Ruszczyk (Her name was not Damond. It was going to be Damond after she was married. If America adhered to that as the journalistic standard, my high school yearbook would have referred to me as “Sir Michael Harriot, husband of Janet Jackson”).

Less than a week after Justine Ruszczyk was killed by a fatal gunshot wound to the abdomen from a Minneapolis police officer’s gun, the police chief has been forced out, the mayor is on thin ice, and the new chief is an African-American man with deep roots in Minneapolis.

As soon as I heard about this incident, I ran to my computer and waited. I’ve seen the routine so many times, I knew exactly what would happen. Immediately following her death, some industrious news reporter would release her criminal history—even if it had no bearing on the shooting—like media outlets did when they reported the killings of DeJuan Guillory and Walter Scott.

If she had a clean criminal record, they’d at least put out the most menacing, villainous photo of her, the way they did Trayvon Martin. They’d go back as far as her high school teachers or her neighbors to find a personality defect that would adequately describe why the valiant hero cop feared for his life.

I sat patiently in front of the screen waiting for a Google alert from the mayor, police chief or police union explaining how there was no need to jump to any conclusions or take any actions until they conducted a “thorough investigation.” I knew it was coming. It always happened this way.

I’m still waiting.

During my wait, an attorney called Ruszczyk the “most innocent” police shooting victim he’s ever seen. Robert Bennett—the lawyer who made these comments—is either blatantly lying or he is the stupidest white man in the long, storied history of stupid white men.

Attorney: Justine Damond Is ‘the Most Innocent Victim’ of a Police Shooting He Has Ever Seen.

Those who want to blame every single black person who has ever been shot by police for their own…

Is there even a superlative for the word “innocent?” If so—is Justine Ruszczyk more innocent than Rekia Boyd, who was simply talking on her cellphone when an off-duty cop fired a bullet into her skull? Was John Crawford III’s innocence permanently erased in the .36 seconds it took for cops to burst into Walmart and eliminate his existence for the unmitigated gall of buying a BB gun? A lawyer like Bennett, who represents “high-profile police-shooting victims,” would know about these cases. If he doesn’t, then, by definition, that makes him stupid.

Ruszczyk’s death happened fewer than 20 miles from the St. Paul, Minn., courthouse where Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of murder in the death of Philando Castile. Castile was in his car posing no threat to the officer who killed him. Yanez shot him on July 6, 2016. For context, on July 7, 2016, this article appeared:

It was a regular thing for Philando Castile to be stopped by Minnesota police for minor traffic…

I’m sure an article like this will be coming out about Justine Ruszczyk pretty soon. I know it has been over a week, but she’s from Australia, which is another country on the other side of the world, which means reporters probably have to translate her criminal record from Australian to English, which could take a while. I’m sure that’s what the holdup is about.

While I’m sitting here, I might as well wait for the All Lives Matter people to explain how we don’t know the whole story. Blue Lives Matter will probably come out en masse, too, to defend the honor of the Somali cop who shot her. If they don’t care about race, then the All Lives Matter advocates will implore us to wait until authorities do their due diligence. That’s probably what’s going to happen, right?

Unless they were lying this whole time.

To be fair, maybe the All Lives Matter people are so blinded by the combination of privilege and reflexive defensiveness that comes free in every package of white supremacy that they have no idea that responding to “Black lives matter” with “All lives matter” is akin to telling a man dying of a heart attack about their bout with acid reflux. Perhaps they don’t know that there is not a sane human being in the United States who wonders whether white lives matter. Maybe All Lives Matter is just stupid.

The man who killed Rekia Boyd was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter because—according to a judge—the fact that he fired an unregistered weapon into a dark alley wasn’t proof of “recklessness.” Two days after Ruszczyk’s death, federal authorities declined to press charges against the cops who shot John Crawford.

Beavercreek, Ohio, Officer Won’t Face Federal Charges in Death of John Crawford III

It’s been almost three years since a Beavercreek, Ohio, police officer fatally shot a black Walmart …

Anyone who insinuates that Crawford, Boyd, Castile, et al. were not as innocent as Ruszczyk are conflating innocence with whiteness. None of the others had committed a crime. All of them are dead.

The media immediately named her shooter—as did the city of Minneapolis—as a Muslim of Somali descent. Staunch conservatives and white allies alike all say this has nothing to do with race. Quick—tell me Jeronimo Yanez’s religion. Can you tell me from which country Officer Sean Williams—John Crawford’s killer—descended? Stupid liars, the whole lot of them.

None of this is Justine Ruszczyk’s fault. She is as blameless as the previously mentioned victims—but not more so. It is disingenuous to have a discussion about this entire incident and sidestep the obvious fact that part of the uproar about her death stems from the fact that she was a classically attractive white woman. Anyone who does so is either being dishonest or willfully ignorant—two euphemisms for ... you know.

In just six days, Justine Ruszczyk’s death uprooted the entire government of the 46th-largest city in America. Two countries are outraged. People of all colors, religions and ethnicities are protesting.

They all have a right to be upset, but we should be clear: If it had anything to do with the fact that Ruszczyk was a bride-to-be, Sean Bell’s killers would be in jail. If it had anything to do with the fact that she was the one who called 911, then the men who shot Brendan Hester would be locked up. If her immigrant status makes others empathetic toward this tragedy, where were these same outraged advocates for swift justice when the men who shot Amadou Diallo walked away scot-free?

Justine Ruszczyk is an innocent, pure victim because she is white, and we all know it. No one wants to admit it, so I’ll just sit here and wait for them to treat her with the same disrespectful criminal taint that they do every victim of color. Maybe they’ll find a stash of CDs she was trying to sell or uncover a stash of loose cigarettes. Maybe there were Skittles in her pocket. I’m sure they’ll dig up something. I’ll wait.

Nah. I’m lying.

There’s no way I’m that stupid.


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When the white man goes down these cops will go down with him.The United States government must be overthrown.