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Startling Percentage Of Rape Admissions In Asia-Pacific Region

Startling Percentage Of Rape Admissions In Asia-Pacific Region
Sara GatesThe Huffington PostSep 09, 2013

The first multi-country study of rape and partner violence has revealed some shocking findings about the prevalence of rape in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to a survey of 10,000 men from six countries, 11 percent -- about one in 10 men -- admitted to raping a woman who was not their partner. When the rape of a partner was included the proportion rose to 24 percent.

Published as two articles in The Lancet journal Tuesday, the United Nations-backed research included details about the motivation behind the sexual assaults. Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73 percent) cited sexual entitlement, while more than half (59 percent) said they committed the rape for entertainment. Additionally, 38 percent said they carried out the act as a form of punishment.

The research is part of an ongoing effort by Partners for Prevention -- a coalition of four U.N. agencies -- to prevent gender-based violence across Asia and the Pacific. As lead researcher Rachel Jewkes notes, this may be best accomplished by focusing on how to prevent rape before it takes place.

"In view of the high prevalence of rape worldwide, our findings clearly show that prevention strategies need to show increased focus on the structural and social risk factors for rape," Jewkes, who also serves as director of the Medical Research Council's Gender and Health Research Unit in South Africa, said in a statement released ahead of the study's publication. "We now need to move towards a culture of preventing the perpetration of rape from ever occurring, rather than relying on prevention through responses."

The team of researchers interviewed men of all ages from Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka. Though the prevalence of rape varied widely between specific locations, the highest proportion of reported rapes took place in Papua New Guinea (60.7 percent).

The number of Papau New Guinea incidents echoes a recent estimate made by aid organization Medecins Sans Frontieres, which said 70 percent of women in the country would be raped or physically assaulted at some point in their lifetime.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization reported one in three women worldwide experience sexual or physical violence. At the time, the U.N. agency labeled violence against women a "global health problem of epidemic proportions."


i hope this is not news or shocking to anybody yes.. women's rights arent priority in a lot of these regions, so it goes without saying, somebody will feel entitled to what is not theirs and take it.


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It's no surprise to me, yet not that long ago big boss was trying to ridicule men when I stated that men to have a sense if entitlement when it comes to females body.


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i hope this is not news or shocking to anybody yes.. women's rights arent priority in a lot of these regions, so it goes without saying, somebody will feel entitled to what is not theirs and take it.
the weak are abused, you can only protect your right through your own enforcement, but those same countries, let us see who has a legal right to carry weapons.


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Holy man castrates self after India guru Asaram Bapu arrested for raping 16-year old -
An Indian court Saturday convicted a teenage boy for his part in the gang rape last December of a medical student who later died of her injuries, sentencing him to three years in prison.

The teenager is the first of five suspects to be tried for their role in the attack, which happened December 16 on a moving bus in New Delhi. The group assaulted the 23-year-old woman and her male companion, robbing them and then dumping them at the side of the road, police said.
While the man was eventually discharged from the hospital, the woman was so badly hurt that she had to be airlifted to a hospital in Singapore in "extremely critical condition," doctors there said. She died two weeks later.
The man said he and the young woman watched a movie before boarding a private bus to return to her home in a New Delhi suburb.
The bus driver made lewd remarks and five other men taunted the couple and locked the doors, the man told Agence France-Press in January.
"They hit me with a small stick and dragged my friend to a seat near the driver's cabin," the man said. Then the "driver and the other men raped my friend and hit her in the worst possible ways in the most private parts of her body."
The driver used an iron bar in the attack, he told the news agency. The friend said he suffered a broken leg.
"The cruelty I saw should not be seen ever. I tried to fight against the men but later I begged them again and again to leave her," he said.
In an interview with Reuters, the man said the abductors drove the couple throughout the city for about two hours before dropping them below an overpass; he was unable to stand and had no clothes.
"Three-wheeler taxis would slow down, take a look at us and move on," he said. "So would cars and motorcycles. We got no help for nearly 20 or 25 minutes."
When three police vehicles finally did show up, he said, "they couldn't decide among themselves which police precinct has jurisdiction."
His friend bled profusely throughout the ordeal, he said.


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^^Once again, culture and religion.....:feelsick

OT:Don't this make the inner you boil......


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