Ladyrastafari...i had a dream about you


Get your passport & come !
i had a dream that you were pregnant, and kidnapped by another imixer that was stalking you :rofl:

what do you think that means?
lol.. just so you dream taht nikki? lol. but wait.. who was the stalker? a man or a woman.. and was i okay with being kidnapped?
maybe i have been watching too much law and order svu :rofl:

it was a man, and he kept you in some underground chamber that looked like a tanning bed, that slides into a was all made up with lace and satin bedding and he dressed you in a long satin and lace nightgown....powder blue and white were the colors...and when you were being rescued, you wanted to stay and get to know your kidnapper some was like you were sympathizing with him.....

ummmm yea, gotta stop watching SVU
awwww...this is a pretty long-standing imix crush that getting a little more interesting.