Lebron James is the man.....


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Need I say more........to all you bad minded ppl who been fighting down, playa hating ....now what ?

You don't have to like him, but you have to respect his game......The Greatest !

The Man !

lol @ greatest.

all u LIFE LONG heat fans since 20012 kill me
edit.. are y'all HEAT fans or LeBron fans?


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the heat can also thank manny chinobli for feeding them the ball over and over.
Lol........some of you bitter fans kill me!

Where do you guys come up with your illogical statements ?

So is the glass half full or half empty ?

Meaning.....Manny got pressured by great defense, hence he made a critical blunder by giving up the ball !

So glad we are always on the same page.


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Thank ray allen for saving the heats life in game 6...that game was won by the spurs and labron missed 3 shots before ray allen hit that 3 to tie the game up.....thank god for ray allen..........
Another illogical fan.....explain to me how the Spurs had the game won?

The clock was at zero ?

You had the best current player on the floor......you had the best three point player in NBA history on the floor!

What is it you guys are shock about....the outcome ?

Lebron won a game with 2 sec on the clock......for anyone to think otherwise that the Spurs had it won is foolish talk.........Great defense, pressure will also make you make mistakes for those who don't know!


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Big Up to the Chicago Bulls fans that became bulls fans during the Jordan years, and stuck with them during the lean years when they were losing didnt jump ship and hop on the latest wining wave and are still fans now they have a squad that is a force to contend with.. I respect that.. yall are true fans... if there is a chip in yall future, yall deserve to celebrate... unlike #BandWagonNation