Lip Synching

Alpha Unit

Machel is the king, rest of dem follow..

we know why blue did it , but these backing tracks are the death of live performance... Like they cant sing without it.... i dont want any artist singing over deh tracks, this is not soul train
Part of the problem is that they over harmonize their music and could never ever duplicate the same sound on stage. Some have taken to the American way and now fly choruses that were recorded in the beginning all through the song. Then they do about 7 or 8 takes in some instances of each part of the song the want to harmonize. In the end they have a product that might sound nice but it isn't them. The last time I recorded a song I got into an argument with the producer because he wanted to do things this way while I (being old school) wanted to record the whole song. To me the old way allows for artists to deliver a product that they can sing on stage and sound similar or just as good. What is the point in recording a song that you need help to deliver? Apart from that the newer generation of artists are lazy and some of the older ones have changed from the original way and have become lazy just as well.

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